Hitler And Niemoller

Hitler tried to neutralize the church, He said to pastors “you confined yourself to the church, I’ll take care if the German people.” Hitler’s deal was the Devil’s desk. He can’t take away your faith; so he says, keep your faith away from my people. If he can’t destroy your faith, he’ll neutralize it. To many believers have accepted the deal. They hear the word if the Lord in church, but the rest of the their lives aren’t touched.

That’s exactly what the enemy wants. He wants it all to stay in the sanctuary and that way there’s no miracle or victory. Tell the devil, no deal! If you made a deal tear it up! Take the Gospel and spread it. Take the love of the Messiah and let it change your life. Take the power of the Spirit and go out on the highways. Take down that walk between Sunday morning and the rest of the week.

The Lord came down to this life that this life would change/ all of it because there are no deals with the devil. He is only Lord at all if He is Lord of all!

Take the Word on the road with you today, take it outside and let His light shine, share your blessings with others that they may see your faith in the Lord of all.

Mark 1:19

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