Getting Over Ourselves

It says in Colossians to set our mind on that which is above, where our lilies is hidden. We are called to live a heavenly life, in the heavenlies. Heaven is not just up, it’s above. Up is a direction, above means it’s over sometime else. Set your mind and heart on whet is above, where heaven is. Living a heavenly life is to live not just up, but to live an above-this-life, life; to live above yourself. It’s amazing. It says to set your mind on things above, that’s where your life is. Well, how can it be where you are if you are here, and yet it is above you.

That’s the secret. Learn to live above yourself: above your ego, fears, your interests, right, the confines of yourself and ego, above the flesh, to be free in heaven and let go. When you are in an argument, live above it, step out of your grievance, out of your problem. It won’t be your problem anymore. Heaven is a place of joy and it’s above you. You’ll have freedom, joy, and release when you start to dwell above yourself.

Set your heart and mind on Him, so that you are Kingdom Come focused. Earthly troubles no longer trouble you or slow you down. Let your walk show Messiah reigns forever more.

Colossians 3:2-3

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