How To Have A Lion Like Attitude

Courage, Strength, Leadership, Bravery

All these are qualities a person with a lion attitude

A lion is not afraid of doing what he wants. The lion is not afraid of going his own direction, while other go a different direction; the lion is courageous enough to defend and fight for his own life. He lives his life the way he wants to.

Don’t you want to live like a lion or lioness? Don’t you want to tread your own path and achieve your own goals! Don’t you want to fight and win what you want!

Then change your attitude toward your life; change how you think about yourself because you are much greater than you think you are! You have a lion’s heart. Every One can have the lion’s attitude.

Or do you want to remain a sheep like the majority of people are. People who are afraid of standing out; people who are afraid of going after the life of their dreams. People who give up when they meet obstacles.

People give excuses when the journey gets hard.

“It must not be for me’ “If it wasn’t for what they told me, then I would have made it.”

Are you mentally weak and soft. Tell yourself the truth because until you do it you will remain an average complaining hate like the majority of the people around you are. When you become bitter and start blaming others, you will feel like something it missing in your life. And not know why.

The highly successful know that regrets are more painful than failing at something they wanted to achieve. They are willing to give there all into something they want to achieve even if there are low chances of ever succeeding in their first attempt. They would rather try and fail than not try at all. They are afraid of regretting not doing something not doing something when they had the chance.

Sheep follow leaders. They follow the herd because they do not know where their going. Sadly, Matt times they are lead to the slaughter house but keep following because they do not use their minds

This is exactly what the majority of people are. They follow the road rather than their hearts. They think their thoughts are not good enough. They are afraid of going a different direction. Are you being led to the the slaughter house? Follow your own path and leave the herd.

Think about your values. What are they? Are you living them? Sadly the people who follow the crowd are being told what to think.

People With The Lion Attitude Have Courage

Attitude is what you do, what you think, and feel about yourself. Attitude is everything in life because whether you rise or fall, every depends on attitude.

People with the lion attitude are courageous. They are courageous to stand for what they believe. (Values). They are brave to go a different direction when Eve else is going another way. They are willing to face their adversaries and challenges even if they are scared.

They do not run away.

If you want to have the lion attitude, then you have to believe in yourself. You have to change your perspective of yourself from negative to positive because you are your greatest strength and your greatest enemy.

“There is an African Proverb that says “If there no enemy within you, then no adversary on the outside can harm you.“

Having the lion attitude begins with changing how you think about yourself. It develops when you think positively about yourself. It strengthens when you stop believing what others tell you about you.

A common practice is to use affirmations to make you thing positive,y about yourself.

If you’ve read my past posts you know I had a very poor self-concept of myself. I used to believe what others said to be. Someone told me I would never amount to anything, no one wanted to hear what I had to say. That I was stupid. For years I thought I was not good enough, that my life was worthless.

But the moment began when I started using to read the Bible and telling myself affirmations. I began to live my life in a more positive light. Now not only has my entire life changed, I had the courage to write down what I’ve been through in hopes of helping someone else. I think and speak without fear of failure because until you try you will never know how good you are!

Choose to be a lion (lioness) because you have a choice to make?

Choose to be a lion if you are standing for greatness. People with the lion attitude get what they want because they are bold enough to fight. They are not afraid to accept that their future is dependent on the choices they make today.

Lions are leaders because they demonstrate who they are. They are not afraid of what the others animals will do when they go after what they want. They do not seek respect! They demand respect and authority because they know they should be respected.

A sheep follows leader but a lion leads. It is a matter of having courage to stand up and fight for what is right.

One common thing with all leaders is that they were once followers. The only thing that changed was their attitude. How they viewed life changed. How they saw themselves changed. If you are going to be a leader then you have to work on your self-image

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