Reasons To Stop Complaining

Up until recently, I’ve noticed I have gotten into the habit of complaining about everything. Yes I’m a complainer.

And it wasn’t until recently I noticed how annoying and useless it was. All I was doing was dragging myself down. Because when you complain, you’re not solving the problem, but you’re making it seem bigger than it really is.

Sometimes, some things are just out of our control and we have to just let them be.

But other times when you can do something ablution, it’s best to just detach yourself from the situation a bit until you can gain some clarity on the situation and start taking action.

The reason why I complained so much was because I’ve been taking a family member to work for a couple months now, I have received no Compensation for this, which I would need but now that gas prices are through the roof it taking a toll on my finances. I have been acting like a victim and even more do I feel like a victim. I realized today that I’ve grown weary of my goodness. Complaining about something makes you feel stuck, hopeless and trapped. Like it’s out of your hands.

But it’s not.

You are not stuck, hopeless or trapped. You may feel that way, because you choose to be.

The next time I take this person to work, I’m asking for gas money. Family member or not. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.

You can’t expect to talk circles around it until things get better. You have to make better and I think that’s the hard part.

When you’ve played the victim role your whole life. It’s really hard to get out of it. (speaking from experience). But until you do, you’re just going to keep running on the hamster wheel complaining. Saying “Why does this always happen to me?”

The truth is things like this happen it everyone, but you’re so focused on yourself that you think it’s only happening to you.

I’ve found that the most effective way to stop complaining is the next time something happens and you’re about to tell someone, don’t. Don’t tell anyone. I’m not saying to bottle out all your emotions, But let yourself cool off for of hours or days. If you can’t (or won’t )find a solution to what your complaints are, then just let everything be.

And it’s going to be real hard to do this at first, especially since we live in an era of instant gratification.

When we complain, we want to feel validated. We want someone to say “Oh yeah. Your pain is so horrible’ and so the next time something happens, we want someone to agree with how horrible our ,Ives are which ironically you end up attracting more of,

The more you complain, the more horrible your life in going to seem. We attract more of the energy we’re sending out into the world and whatever energy we’re allowing in, that’s what we’re going to attract is negative energy.

Here are Some great reasons why you should stop complaining:

It Takes Up Time

This coyote be time spent coming up with a solution, taking action, and working on more important things. When we complain we’re spending not only our time, but also our energy and attention. If you haven’t noticed yes, we on,y have so much time, energy and attention in the day.

Misery Loves Company

When people complain about how much do you hate your jobs after work, it’s hard to be a person that loves her job. Or even likes her job. Do you really want to spend 40 hours a week hating your life and spent 10 hours a week talking about how much you hate your job? Even in my case complaining that someone is not giving me a couple bucks for gas cans in time, I have learned in some cases just ask maybe they don’t realize that you were complaining to others about them. It seems ridiculous and silly to complain.Even over simple things I have a few bucks for gas.

You Can Get Addicted To Feeling Bad

We get to where we live playing victim. I used to be that person, and here I am complaining about something simply but can turn into something bigger if I don’t stop complaining. Negativity is really addicting and I can tell you it’s not fun being empowered and hopeless. Take action and empowering yourself to be better seriously. You don’t have to live life a certain way because someone else told you this it’s just the way life is. Life is literally what you choose to make it out to be.

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