Are You Loyal To Your Soul?

At the very center of who we are, lies our soul. This is the truly special part of what makes you, you. Your soul is not tangible, however, that doesn’t mean that we cannot feel the unseen. To be able to gain access, it has to be felt through deep levels of love. To be loyal to your soul means, just that, remaining faithful to the deepest part of you, and you only.

Whether intentional, or not, people pull energy from us that often drains our loyalty. This can happen even in the most cherished of connections: pouring all of yourself into the loyalty of others can lead to neglected your own spirit, your own love, and ultimately, the deep understanding of your own self.

In order to truly entwine with another soy, you must be loyal to yourself first. The first and most important level of deep loyalty is to your own soul. Once this has been filled, and on,y then, is it okay. To move to another. Think about how easily we are to become angry, sad, or even loved. Without a solid foundation, your loyalty can easily be manipulated, drained, or abused.

Much like the energy the emanates from us; a soul can be felt moving through us. It can be felt the most with growth, I’ve felt it at different stages of life.

Remaining loyal to your soy, will require deep conversations with yourself about courage. You will have to come to an honest understanding that yo-yo will have to separate everything else in life I. Order to fully develop who you are, and how your soul speaks. Loving yourself is a great step, a required step, but loyalty to yourself is the ultimate goal.

Loyalty to my soul assure as the earth moves and the water falls. I will remain loyal to me. When the world appears to be at a complete standstill and in the midst of chaos and you don’t feel like another day is reachable; dig deep into your soul.

Be unapologetic in allowing you soul to live through you, teach through you and love through you. Allow your soul to grow, and remain committed to that growth. It may require sacrifice, distance, and complete change; but there is no one that will ever be more devoted to you, than you.

Your souk is such a special part of who you are. It’s the unseen; it’s only felt through deep levels of love. Being loyal to your soul simply means just that being loyal to the deep parts of you and only you

People pull from us and we tend to shift our loyalty to the soul of others and neglect our spirit, our own love, our own understanding to oneself.

How can you love and truly and not be loyal to you, your soul first. Our own soul must feel the first level of deep loyalty and love before you move to another.

Being loyal to your soul takes deep amounts of courage. You have to have the ability to separate everything else in life to do this very task. Loving yourself is one stage. Loyalty to yourself is a entirely different energy.

Loyal to my soul, as the earth movs and the water falls. I will be loyal. When the world seems to be to much and your world around you looks as if your stuck and can seem to see another day, my soul is loyal. Only you know me soul. Only you see me for me. I will remain loyal to you and allow you to live through me teach me and love me.

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