Looking To Belong

Belonging in our current society’s mind is a commodity of choice. With people joining together with other like-minded people and finding safety in arenas of common thought.

To be known and loved, to be accepted and understood. That’s what we are longing for when we look for belonging. But what if belonging isn’t meant to be found within yourself or others! What if it is so much more than conformity to the beliefs of a narrow group?

The Bible has a lot to say about our belonging as Christ-followers: You are not your own. You belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God. You are purchased and paid for. You are safe and secure. According to scripture m our self-acceptance isn’t something weak discover with enough self-love. Rather it’s an extension of the work of redemption in our lives when we discover how much God loves us. We were made to belong to Jesus first. Not church denominations, political parties, justice movements or social circles.

In Christ belonging isn’t mere affection or membership in the same club; it is so much more. The price of our belonging was set and met through the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. That’s why Paul tells us we are not our own in 1 Corinthians 19:20. God loves us so much that He rescued us from the grip of anything else that promises to satisfy us but don’t. And instead, He made us belong to Him alone.

When we don’t remember that we were made to be God’s very own precious possession, and when we don’t remember what it costs for us to be His, we end up longing for belonging everywhere else. Through the clothes we wear, the people we engage, the work we do and the money we make. We look for home in identifiers rather than in our identifiers in Christ.

We must know who we belong to. In Christ, we are fit and fashioned for the belonging we were always made for. This week, resolve to let go of all the world tell you to do in order to belong. In Jesus, you are already seen, known, rescued, and loved. In Jesus, you already belong.

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