Give Your Brain Time To Regroup

It’s probably not a surprise that our brains receive too much information in a given day.

Studies show that many of us spend more than half of our day receiving and managing information rather than using it to what we need to do.

So, today try to do one of two things. Either you give your brain a break for half an hour (no phone, no work, nothing) or start planning for a full day off. Meaning schedule it, write it down, request it.

Give yourself space to replenish your own energy is critical to you, to your employer and to your family.

It might not seem like taking a walk of getting your nails done would be good for your health but anything that helps you to relax is exactly what we need in this hectic world.

There is a reason God told us to rest on the seventh day.

When you spend some time relaxing. You will be amazed what it does for you. Schedule a time to relax today.

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