The Truth About The Battle For Your Soul

I urge you as foreigners and exiles to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul- 1 Peter 2:11

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are around a bad odor for awhile your nose adjusts and it no longer smells as bad?

We are living in evil days and if we aren’t careful, after a while we don’t even notice how rotten things have become.

After some time, even Christians start absorbing the world’s values.

The things that we once considered to be wrong begin to seem acceptable as we become more tolerant.

A few years ago my son and his girlfriend needed a place to stay for a few nights. My son and her came in the house and he started to put clean sheets on the bed in my spare bedroom. Without asking he had decided this was where they were going to stay. I proceeded to tell him at they could stay here, but they wouldn’t be sleeping together. They could sleep in separate bedrooms. It wasn’t that I didn’t know they weren’t sleeping together, but they we not married so that wouldn’t be happening in my house. To say the least they found somewhere else to say.

We think it’s okay to live together outside of marriage, especially if it save money because that’s what the world does.

We accept divorce for incompatibility because after Akko shouldn’t we be happy?

And we tolerate lifestyle’s that in the Bible are abominations. Unhealthy and perverse. In the world today they are even trying to push that there are more than two sexes, and the critical race theory thing to say people are better than others based on their skin color..

We begin to look just like the world except that we go to church occasionally.

This is what Paul calls unwise and foolish behavior.

The Bible (especially in Proverbs), we are told that foolish people live for immediate gratification according to their feelings, impulses, and desires.

Like the rich man who built bigger barns to store his goods, but never stopped to consider the fact that today could be his last day on earth, and then he would have to face God and judgement.

Many don’t think about storing up their treasures in heaven.

They are focused completely on the here and now,

In short, they do not understand the will of the Lord, so they are not living wisely. Research shows that in a 2021 census three in ten US adults are now religious,y unaffiliated this is down 75% a decade ago.

To live wise,y, we have to know what God wants us to be, and how to get there. Without spiritual wisdom, we will not be alarmed at the treats to righteous living.

The Bible warns us about the dangers that can sabotage walking wisely with the Lord. Are you living for the here and now, or are you building up treasures in heaven.

Don’t allow the evil one to create an idea in you that focusing on heaven destroys the enjoyment of living out your days on earth.

There are always consequences for our actions,

Remember, Satan attacks and influence are subtle, with degrees of submission. He doesn’t just hit you with haymaker and then walk away and leave you alone. No, he works his way into your mind and changes your logical thinking, so that you will accept more of the world’s values, as a replacement for God’s values.

Godly wisdom is the first line of defense against his attacks. To increase your wisdom, you need to draw closer to the Lord and concentrate on living a righteous life.

There are few people that has the best in mind for your soul. God, you and a Bible believing teacher.

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