Grace For The Small Things

As Christians, thinking about God’s grace for the “big things” like salvation isn’t hard for us to accept at all. But somehow, that doesn’t always bring us the peace we need to conquer the small things of everyday life. Despite loving Jesus, we continue to be worried and overwhelmed.

It’s Interesting that the New Testament writers often paired the word grace with peace. In many of his letters Apostle Paul says, “Grace to you and peace from God.” And the Apostle Peter, and the beginning of his second letter greets the believers with these words. “Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord” (verse 2).

These opening salutations are not customary greeting written before getting to the “good stuff.” Why does Paul always couple grace and peace? The earliest Jesus followers knew that grace doesn’t stop at God’s gift to us, but instead, that’s where grace begins. God extended His grace to the whole world when He sent Jesus to reconcile us back to Himself. This is the essence of our salvation; it’s the big picture that sustains us and keeps us hopeful.

However, the joy and peace we feel from our salvation only trickles down into other areas of ur life when we embody His grace and peace together. It was God’s grace that brought peace between Him and humankind. And it’s our grace to ourselves and others that puts peace between us and the difficulties we face.

Yes, there will be more tough days ahead, but when we can give ourselves and others grace,we will all be better for it. Other will see an example of how to love others, and we will draw closer to God, even when our flesh want to do otherwise.

Acknowledging God’s grace in the big things, Luke our salvation, is just as important as acknowledging it in the small things. And those are the times when we experience the fullness of His peace that’s available to us all, through the grace we have received.

2: Peter 1:1-4

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