Ways To Beat Selfishness

Selfishness is indeed part of human nature – just like selflessness and goodness are also part of human nature. The challenge we face is not overcoming human nature, but choosing which attributes for ourselves. Selfishness seems to come easier to us than selflessness because it doesnt take much effort to take care of our own needs, and ignore others.

The world is selfish. You see selfishness all around you. Why then should you be different?

Survival of the fittest demands putting yourself first. You’d have to separate yourself from the world in order not to be selfish or you’ll be taken advantage of.

Selfishness is commonly understood as being synonymous with “human nature,’ Why fight our very nature? The fact that arrogance and greed fell natural its a reflection of the narcissistic culture we live in. And yet all self-growth is predicted on transcending what we’re used to getting out of our comfort zones and growing into what and who we want to be. If you are frustrated with your own selfishness and you want to develop selflessness instead. Here are some tactics based on kabbalistic principles that will help you nurture the better aspects of your nature.

Pursue Knowledge

Our reflective and objective minds allows us to transcend the subjective interests of our impulsive emotions. This is the healthy knowledge: being able to see things from a perspective that is not driven by self-interest, and the explosion of others. We must learn that in order to refine life that counteracts selfishness. To go Outside of yourself and your own interests, you need to know what opinions are outside your self, and how you can access them. What does the world look like beyond the sphere of your prejudices? How have people transcended their own setbacks? Expanding your knowledge base – in a humble way will allow you shift your focus from yourself to others, and to the greater good and infinite Orlando around you.

Give Charity

Giving money to charity is a sure way to free you from the tentacles of your self-interest. Money epitomizes self-absorption. When you give you to charity, you are giving of your effects, your abilities, and your time. When you give to charity, receive something important. You fulfill the fundamental human need to share what has been given to us. Fulfilling that need – within yourself – brings you in contact with, and closer to your attributes of selflessness.

I have to admit I have a hard time giving money to charities, there are so many scammers out in the world anymore. It’s hard to tell who is being honest. I give my time and my ability and then decide whether I want to give money. And I always ask God if I should or not.

Practice Faith

The ego is a a Voice that covers up the free and Free and pure voice that you were born with, also known as the “still small voice” “the inner” child and “the soul.” True faith, not by faith, it’s not an absence of reason, but a transcendent send and force that is beyond reason. Allows you to travel with yourself, to please be on the conventional personality you project, to a place where you’re still small voice is doing the talking. When you’re still small voice speaks, you experience no ego and only connection to the infinite world around you. When you focus on the here and now you take your selfishness out of the equation.

Love Unconditionally

Who love is unconditional love. With superficial love, you love the other In order to have your own needs met. With true love, your lovely other unconditionally, whether they need your needs or not. When you practice unconditional love and your personal relationships, you are exercising your selflessness muscle. You are simultaneously overcoming your own selfishness, and making selflessness your default mode of operation.

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