Nocturnal Panic Attacks: What Causes Them

Have you ever been awakened by a panic attack? Up until recently I had my doubts.

Nighttime or nocturnal panic attacks can occur with no obvious trigger and waking you from your sleep. As with daily panic attacks you may experience sweating, rapid heart rate trembling, and shortness of breath, hyperventilation, chills and a sense of impending doom. These alarming signs and symptoms can mimic a heart attack or other serious medical conditions. I was awakened last night in pure panic. I was scared, and confused. I have recently been having issues with high blood pressure along with stressing over my son who is over 2000 miles away from me. So of course I had to do some research.

Nocturnal panic attacks usually last only a few minutes, but it takes time to calm down and sleep after you have had one. I wrapped myself up in a heated throw and that seemed to calm me down quickly. (like a warm hug). People who have nocturnal panic attacks also tend to have panic attacks during the day. Which I haven’t had in a very long time hence this is why I was scared and confused.

It is not known What causes panic attacks. Underlying factors may include genetics, stress and certain changes in the way part of your brain work. Some cases and underlying condition such as a sleep disorder, thyroid problem“ panic like signs and symptoms. The research said Can you talk with your doctor about the symptoms and were there any other tests for a possible underlying condition.

Do you know who stated that treatment for this is cognitive behavioral therapy or medication or both and help with rent panic attacks and reduce their intensity when they do occur.

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