Is Your Gut Speaking To You?

When you feel something in your gut, and no matter how much you convince yourself that it nothing, the feeling just doesn’t so away, these are the signs your intuition is telling to something, this is your intuition speaking up and you need to stop and listen to it.

Listen to your gut. Haven’t we all heard that before. And it’s not for small, easy decisions. It seems like it’s reserved for the big ones… the scary ones… the ones with real consequences.

The issue with this insightful advice is that no one follows up with how exactly to go about listening to your intuition. They just throw it out there like this advice will bring some mind blowing experience. And then your out there wondering what’s next. There’s no instruction manual for listening to your gut. It never tells you “this is your gut speaking.

I’ve gotten this advice more times than I can count. And I think okay, listen to your gut, that’s easy enough right. While finding your intuition. We need to find the root of it in hopes it will give a louder voice so we can recognize it more.

Signs Your Intuition Is Trying To Tell You Something

  • Your Brain Works Against It.

When we are faced with a big decision, one that is scary, the real consequences ones. We need to be logical and level-headed and not make a rash decisions. I know sometimes I can catch myself talking myself into one choice and out of another. Almost as if I’m arguing with myself.

And then thinking about it I asked myself what am I arguing against? Who am I trying to reason with? It’s as if some kind of energy pulls me in one direction. When I became aware that I was pulling myself against my intuition. Thinking it through I realized I was in a debate with myself.

Your intuition is a feeling rather than reasoning and that’s what makes it elusive. It doesn’t answer to pros or cons lists or play the game “what if.” it doesn’t speak the same language as logic or fall to fear. And while all the thinking in the world won’t reach it. Maybe reasoning will reveal it. Maybe our internal arguments are arrows that are aimed at our intuition. Maybe sometimes it is only through fighting our brain that our gut finds a voice.

Never Discredit Your Gut Instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says something isn’t right about a person or situation, trust it.

  • It Is Difficult To Listen To.

Not only Is it hard to hear, but often it’s hard to follow. It doesn’t care about the consequences of others. It’s looking out for one person and only one person –you. It has a view of your life that aims to keep you moving in the right direction.

It doesn’t deal with details, the obstacles you have to step over, the people you have to pass (the ones you bump into), the distractions along the way or even the twists and turns. Those aren’t your guts responsibilities — those are matters of the heart and mind.

We live a world that feeds of reason, I think that’s why it’s so easy to miss (or purposely ignore) out gut. Because the road it leads us down is difficult. It is full of fears that we haven’t faced, thr desires we disregard, and the insecurities we ignore. It’s the road less traveled because it’s easier to stay in the land of logic.

  • No One Understands But You.

In modern society, we are constantly expected to explain ourselves. But, how do you explain the inexplicable? How do you stand up for something that doesn’t sit on solid ground? You can’t because it’s not logical.

It goes deeper than logic you just know that thou know. It’s a silent trust. It doesn’t argue, it just whispers. You are the only one who will ever hear it, the only one who can give it life, the only one who will recognize for what it really is. And only time will reveal the reasons others will understand.

Listening to your intuition comes consequences. Yes, you may be judged. You may be misunderstood. You may be headed down a difficult road. But that doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake.

Stop Arguing With Yourself And Start Listening To Yourself.

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