Standing On Holy Ground

Where is your place of Holy Ground? It is a place that signals breakthrough.

God has destined in each of our lives a “Holy ground” mo ent in which He will peel back the veil and reveal part of our destiny.

Holy Ground moments have something in common. First, they are rare. We should be praying for moments like these. “God when am I called to do? What is my purpose in life? What is my next step?’

How Not To Miss The Directive Of The Moment

There is a connection historically with the revelation of Holy Ground moment during “Holy Week” (which is April 10- April 16th, 2022), in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was a place of transition and as Jesus went to pray. It was His intersection with destiny in which He had the opportunity to accept or decline what God the Father revealed to Him and requested of Him.

Holy Ground moments are an invitation and revelation. God offers to go into a new place. A “mission impossible” moment if you do what He says, “It is your assignment if you choose to accept it.”

We all have strategic intersections in our lives. These are places and moments that shape our destiny if we will turn and take a closer look and recognize them.

What are the signs we are on Holy Ground?

It is where the natural interacts with the supernatural in a way that is completely unexpected, unexplained and undeniable. When God shows up and reveals a part of your destiny and invites us to take part in it. It won’t make sense. It’s a place where we must make a decision to step into it – or ignore it. There is no middle ground.

We see the term Holy Ground twice in Scripture. First, in Exodus 3 and Acts 7, God brought Moses to the place of the burning bush. He was instructed. “Do not approach here. Remove your sandals from off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is Holy Ground.”

Next, The same phrase is used only one other place in scripture in Joshua 5:15.After Joshua wrote the Israelites across the Jordan to Jericho, he encountered the commander of the army of the lord who said to him, “ remove your sandals from your feet, or the place you are standing on is Holy.

What do you need essences having, and how do they apply to us today? Here’s how to recognize it.

Seven signs you are on Holy Ground:

1. It coincides with a season of Passover and Holy Week Which is next month.

I think it is significant that scripture reveals that Joshua’s encounter coincide with Passover. Did Moses’ as well? If we consider the Garden of Gethsemane A place of Holy Ground… then Jesus’s occurrence was also a Passover.

In the Jewish calendar we are in the month of Nissan, the first month of the new year. Certainly, strategic time. This is a month of new beginnings and we’re firstfruits sets the stage for the entire year. The sacrifice given a first fruits is an offering of ourselves.

Does it mean God only reveals destiny at this time? Not at all. But it does show that there is something special in this window of time in which heaven Invades earth. Be ready.

2. It requires a willingness to look deeper.

When Moses saw the burning bush he didn’t just ask by. Instead he said he said , “ I will now turn and see this great site, why the bush is not burnt.”

His action was the correct response which prompted the Lord’s response.

“ when the Lord saw that he turned to see, god call to him from out of the nest of the bush and said, Moses, Moses“ (Exodus 3:3-4).

It makes you wonder, what if Moses haven’t turned to take a closer look? what if he how determined that he was tired and just wanted to go home? Or if he hadn’t recognized the miracle it was taking place before he died which beckoned to him?

It required a response as Moses chose to go deeper. God always invites us to relationship. It’s all about the journey not just the destination. We must turn to him and look deeper.

3. It was a marker of transition.

Moses and Joshua were in a place of transition during these occurrences. God was inviting them to a new place, a higher place that. God was inviting them to a new place, a higher place that they had not yet envisioned. It was a place of destiny and impartation for them both.

Moses was given a word that he would lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Joshua has just taken over as leader after Moses’s death and was leading the people to the Promised land. It had required that they leave behind who they have been walking to the destiny and purpose that God was revealing. They how do you see themselves in their call and a new way,

They had a decision to make as they stood on Holy Ground as do we.

Do you recognize you have had a Holy Ground moment?

4. It was a place of assignment.

In each case there was an assignment to be given to accomplish a task that was beyond their skill and natural ability. That’s the thing about Holy Ground it is beyond anything we can do in ourselves. It requires a choice and decision. It is no different than the contestants on a game show. “Let’s make a Deal,” as God says, “There are two doors before you, but you can’t really see were either leads…” We Know without a shadow of a doubt one choice will be a fabulous destination, Well the other will be something average or even below average.

The good news is God actually tells us which door to choose. He doesn’t want to trick us. He points the way to the right choice.

Yeah it’s still not easy is it? Abraham was told to go to the place he had never been before. No one was told to build an ark, when it had never rained. Joshua was told that the way to conquer a city where she walk around it once each day for six days and seven times on the seventh day with the worshipers, the Levites leading the way.

Holy ground moments won’t make sense you’re a natural mind

5. It involves a “passing over” we’re passing through.”

To reach another place requires action. We can pray. We can wait. And we can even whine. But eventually we have to move.

During Passover the angel of death “passed over” go to his home had the blood of the Passover lamb brush up on their door posts, so we must pass over or through from one place to the next when we come to a Holy Ground moment.

6. It requires humility.

Moses and Joshua were required to remove your sandals. Shoes were a symbolic significance. The act of taking off a hue in those days were used as a seal to bind an agreement. It was also a place to “undress”or be dispossessed. Bookcases apply for as Moses and Joshua obeyed the instruction to remove your sandals, they showed agreement I said down themselves to the word of destiny and displaced/removed themselves from their past.

They were choosing a new road, when they couldn’t walk successfully on their own.

7. It hinged on worship.

Joshua and the Israelites were instructed to shout a shout of joy and victory. It was a prophetic act done before they saw their victory, )an anticipation of victory) after they walked around the walls of Jericho for seven days. Moses was told after the Israelites were delivered they would return to the mountain and the Lord is the worship. It is a place where we worship before God and build an altar of remembrance afterwards.

Holy Ground moments are rare

They are moments when God pushed back the veil Reveal something about us that we have not yet seen in ourselves. We may experience them only once or twice in our lives. But they are they are. For everyone. That’s moment cannot be explained, understood, or denied. God shows up and we are changed – If we choose.

It requires that we knew before Him to except the path He has revealed, even when it is usually only a piece of the puzzle. It will require enormous faith and trust Along road we have never been before. It will look impossible. And it is without God.

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