Do What Scares You The Most

Mark Twain said, “Do the thing you fear the most, and death of fear is certain.” The truth is we are capable of a lot more than we realize. Doubts and fears can be hard to let go of. Most people choose safety over uncertainty. But do safe choices always bring you happiness.

Fear is something that we all experience but, what’s most important is how we respond to it. Fear is a necessary evolutionary response to either physical or emotional danger, it helps us to survive and protect ourselves from real threats that exist in the world. While fear is there to protect us, it can also hold us back, because sometimes we fear things that aren’t actually a threat.

Fear has 3 primary responses; fight, flight of freeze. Each of these reactions can have moments of serving us well when we are in actual danger – but if it’s not a life or death moment, fear can hold us back for no good reason. Sometimes, fear is a learned behavior from watching, (maybe someone in your family was afraid to drive so you developed that same fear. Sometimes we have a fear response from bad experiences, for example a child I feared talking because I was punished for it, I still have fears about speaking in some instances today. I have even been called anti-social because I tend to not talk in certain situations. But I’m learning to push through past this and live life to the fullest. We shouldn’t let our fear hold us back or control us.

We’ve all had moments where our response to fear was freezing, and while it feels right in the instance, I doesn’t help move things forward to get things done. We can run away or take flight, but that won’t help us get things done either.

Mark Twain also said that “Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s acting in spite of it anyway.

So, is there a fourth option to fear:

Embrace the fear and do it anyway

Remember that you will get through it. Things we fear are almost never as bad as we imagine they will be. The worst thing imagine will never come to fruition. We have very powerful imaginations that serve us well in life, but unfortunately, can also hold us back if we let it, we almost “apocalypse it” that’s when our mind goes into the absolute worst thing that can happen, with even acting reasonable. Yes planes can crash, but that doesn’t mean you should stop flying.

The truth is that there’s a possibility that things could go wrong no matter what we do, we can plan everything we imagine and learn about Mother Nature has more imagination than we do. So, instead of letting the possibility of things going wrong hold you back, plan for as much as you can and take the rest as it comes.

We will always wonder “what if.” But regret is a terrible feeling, it’s true that you never get to old, it isn’t true that it’s never to late. The last thing that you want to happen is to get to the end of your life and look back and think “what if” especially when the only thing holding you back was you.

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