Reaping And Sowing Seasons

We should be cautioned not to speak evil of or complain against our present season. You are in between your sowing and reaping seasons, but our tongue can destroy the seed we have sown in tears, causing us a harvest wind.

In this season, we will be tempted to complain against people, murmur while laboring and working and may have a nasty attitude towards life. We are being tempted to compare our lives to that of others and despise our humble beginnings. If we do, we will have a grieved Spirit.

We must cooperate with being quiet and waiting part. Do all thing without complaining against anyone or anything. We will then be found innocent and faithful, and will return with great joy, caring our harvest.

To be faithful, we will be found faithful. We must remember that complaining is a great harvest destroyer.

The root cause of grumbling and complaining is being discontented with their life.

When people complain, they are saying that what the Lord has given them is not enough. If that doesn’t convict you – it should.

It is possible to poison our seasons, with complaining and murmuring.

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