What Is Spiritual Death?

Spiritual death is the separation of the soul from God while people are still alive. Sin causes Spiritual Death. Spiritual death is different from physical death. A person can be spiritually dead while still being physically alive.

  • Physical death is the separation of the soul from a body when a person dies
  • Spiritual death is the separation of the soul from God while people are still alive.

We are all born Spiritually dead. after Adam and Eve sinned, the death sentence was pronounced on them and passed down to all other human beings. Therefore, all people are born with a sinful nature with the propensity to sin, in other words, we inherited our sinful nature from Adam.

Causes Of Spiritual Death

1. Disobedience

2. Not Spending time with God

3. Not practicing spiritual disciplines

4. Not focusing on God and the things of God

5. Living in sin

Just as the things in the above list will cause spiritual death, doing the opposite can reverse it. When a person sins, he is alienated from God’s presence because a Holy God cannot look on sin. Spiritual death can reverses by genuine repentance abs by living a righteous life.

In General 2:17, God tells Adam that if he eat of the forbidden fruit he will “surly die,” Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but they did not die physically. However, they did die spiritually as soon as they sinned. They became separated fro God. They could no longer have fellowship with Him. There were no longer in a personal relationship with God.

That separation from God is seen in Genesis 3:8 when Adam and Eve heard the voice of the Alford and hid themselves from the presence of God.

Another example is in the New Testament when Paul describes spiritual death as “being alienated from the life of God” in Ephesians 4:18.

Little pieces of our souls get chipped away the more we ignore or go against our gut instincts and desires. The more we try to appease others instead of following our hearts, the more of our soul we lose. Spiritual death happen anytime we go through a traumatic event or lose sight of our true selves. Fortunately, many people have begun to awaken their soul within, and have starts the process of “soul rebirth.”

Throughout life, one true spirit becomes muddled under the weight of responsibility, stress, circumstance, loss, grief, and ask the other things we go through as humans. The years spent on this planet enduring hardship take their toll on our spirit within, which causes our soul to become fragmented and lost.

However we can gain back our souls through following our hearts, rejecting all the doesn’t align with us and treating ourselves with compassion and love.

Signs You’re experiencing A Spiritual Death

You can’t remember certain parts of your early life.Maybe you have blocked out certain memories in order to protect your soul from pain or grief. Maybe you went through traumatic experiences that your brain has chosen to forget so that you can move on. However, truly moving on might mean revisiting these old memories and coming to terms with them. I know my memory was so fragmented about my childhood that it didn’t even seem like I had one. With years of therapy and God by my side. I was able to revisit it. But I know there is so much blocked out there is more. With bad memories blocked we cannot even begin to heal. If this feels like something your dealing with you might be experiencing soul death.

You deal with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Of course, mental health is a complex issue, but experiencing periods of anxiety or depression could mean that your soul is going through a rebirthing process. You’re trying to shed your old skin and fully comes to terms with your new self. This process doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly can produce uncomfortable feelings.

You don’t feel “whole’ during a spiritual death. Parts of yourself feel incomplete or broken as if you can’t fully see the world around you. Your viewof the world and yourself is fragmented, and you feel that parts of your soul are scattered in places that you haven’t yet found. If you feel parts of yourself is missing you may be going through spiritual death.

You feel numb to the world around you. Everything around you looks bleak and meaningless. You try to get excited about things and do your best to fit in, but you never can seem to feel right about how the world works. So, you try to block out all your feelings instead, finding it easier than faking emotions.

You have trouble sleeping at night. Oftentimes when we go through soul deaths, our subconscious is at work trying to sort out the transition we’re going through. For instance, if you have left behind a soul-sucking job to follow your passion in life and run your own business, you’ll likely have some sleepless nights as your soul tries to catch up with your latest decision.

You feel stuck in life in the process of spiritual death. Many Times when we go through a soul rebirth, we feel trapped, like we are living the same day over and over and going no where. Feeling this way simply means we need to change our direction a little bit, and truly listen to what our souls want. Many people get this feeling in life, but remember, you’re not a tree, you can always get up and move toward something you’d rather have. Your on,t one decision away from an entirely new life.

The secret of change is ti focus all your energy not of fighting the old, but on building the new.


A traumatic life event leaves you not feeling yourself. if you through a bad breakup, divorce. death of a loved one, or near death experience, you might not feel the same afterward. A piece of your soul is taken away each time you go through a “soul death.”

Spiritual death makes you feel that life isn’t living up to your expectations. If you feel let down by life, this means your soul is longing for something more, but you haven’t found it yet. Wishing for something more in life often points to a soul death, because you want to strive for more than life has given you.

You feel pulled in multiple directions. If you feel like life is trying to push you down different paths, you might be experiencing a soul rebirth. You’ve recognized test yo-yo have limitless potential within yourself, and you don’t want to waste it any longer. However, you can’t decide with path you want to take because you see yourself succeeding and thriving in various ways.

You use substances to escape from the real world. a part of soul death, you might find yourself reaching out for something to hold on to, or some outlet to escape into. Many people who drink or do drugs probably don’t recognize that their soul is crying out for attention, and their higher self is longing to be loved.

You find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew. If you find you’re second-guessing your beliefs, lifestyle, and everything about life in general, your soul might be in need of a new direction. Often, going through a soul death means leaving behind stagnant beliefs and ushering in a more open-minded viewpoint.

You long to have a purpose in your life. We all search for a deeper meaning of life, but a soul death usually causes us to search a little harder. You might feel completely fed up with your current life, and long for one where you can wake up with excitement, knowing that the day ahead promises earning and fulfillment. We al, have a purpose in life but sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find it.

If you feel this way, make sure to go with your gut and don’t second-guess yourself. The on,y way to fully awaken our true selves is to leave behind what no longer serves us so we can step into our most authentic being.

You feel you have no control over your life. Even if you feel that you’ve found your purpose, you might feel unable to change your circumstances. You might not know which direction to turn, or how to turn your dreams into reality. You feel powerless to change your life, even though you want nothing more to do so.

You feel like you don’t belong anywhere. You want to belong somewhere but haven’t found your place yet. In times of soul death, we start to feel vulnerable and lost, and seek comfort and safety. Feeling this way requires us to take a long hard look at our souls in order to find output what we want the most, and find the courage to go after it. wOnce we follow our hearts, our soul will begin to come alive again, and we feel part of something bigger.

You constantly feel tired. Not just physically but, mentally too. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you just know that your soul is tired, and no amount of sleep can cure it. The never ending drain of daily life is starting to wear on you, and your soul longs for an escape.

Whether we realize it or not, we all go through many soul deaths and rebirths throughout our lives. Changing jobs, cities, and lives are all forms of soul death and rebirth, as you leave behind some that didn’t work for you any longer and embrace something that you hope will make you feel a little more whole.

If you take away nothing else from this post, please remember this: life is too short to be unhappy, so if your soul needs a little rejuvenating, please listen to your heart and do what it longs for. You might lose parts of your in the process, but you will gain back so much more of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

Transformation is often more about unlearning than about learning. – Richard Rohr.

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