Ways To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Everyone had days where they feel insecure in their own skin, battling with their flaws and imperfections.

No matter how confident and secure you are, there will always be days where you battle with your self-esteem and that’s okay.

However, this doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s easy to go through. When your insecurities are getting the best of you, it’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin and that impacts even the way you see yourself.

What it means to feel comfortable in your own skin.

When you’re coming in your own skin, no matter what flaws and insecurities you have, you know these don’t define who you are but you know you are defined by your strengths.

Being secure in your own skin means accepting who you are, both the desirable parts and the not so favorable.

No matter what anyone else says about you, you are secure enough to know who you are and you know that people’s opinions are nota credible source of validation.

It’s more that just appearing confident and secure, but it’s being so secure that not even your own thoughts can bring down your self-esteem.

On a really bad and insecure day, being comfortable in your skin also means that you do believe everything your mind tells you, but you contradict all the negative self-talk you tend to engage in.

When you’re secure enough, it will naturally show in how you perceive things and how you behave.

I am going to share with you some ways to feel good in your own skin.

Don’t Focus On Your Weaknesses

I know this is easier said than done, but you shouldn’t let yourself focus on your insecurities and weaknesses.

Dwelling on your flaws with negativity impact your self-esteem so it’s much better to build on your strengths.

You can’t always change every ounce of your weaknesses, but you can always use your strengths to your advantage which will encourage a more confident version of yourself.

Don’t Validate Every Thought

Your mind can be filled with so much negativity and doubt so it’s not exacta credible source,

When dealing with self-sabotage thoughts, don’t ever believe the thoughts you are having as most of the time, they come from a place of fear and insecurity.

Instead Learn to question and counter your thoughts. Instead of the thought “I’m not good enough” reverse ti to “I’ve always been more than enough.”

Reversing your thoughts into a more positive light give you more power than you think.

Work On Your Personal Issues

I know this an be difficult but working on your personal issues is one way to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Avoid dealing with trauma and certain problems will always come back in the form of insecurities so it’s best to deal with them earlier rather than repressing them.

When I was young I would tell myself I was a waste and I would never amount to anything. My mother had drilled these thoughts into my head and I started to believe them to be true. I suffered many years with doubt and insecurities. Don’t do the same, deal with your repressed emotions early and they won’t haunt you forever.

If there’s something you haven’t confronted yet, be sure to work on this to lift that burden off your shoulders.

Your personal issues comprise a large portion of your insecurities than you realize.

Dress Up

There’s nothing bad about dress up in way that make you feel good, every now abs again.

Take yourself out with friend or go somewhere and dress in an outfit that brings out the most confident version of yourself. Don’t hesitate to look your best and reap prep for this.

When I was in therapy my doctor told to start getting up early make my bed, get dressed up and have a good healthy breakfast everyday even if I wasn’t going anywhere. At first I thought he was kinds crazy. But it actually works.

It’s so underrated how dressing up can give you more confidence than you Realize and not to mention having a change of environment also does wonders for your self-esteem.

Instead of staying home all day, take yourself out as your most confident self.

Don’t Listen To Society

It’s so uncomfortable that society has this toxic notion of what beauty is supposed to be and look like, but this isn’t an accurate representations what beauty is.

Change the rules and don’t let yourself give in when society tells you that you only deserve to feel confident when you look a certain way.

Confidence and self-esteem co e from within and until you realize that, you won’t feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re seeking validation from all the wrong places.

Surround Yourself With Confident People

It’s amazing when you realize how much the people you surround yourself with can affect how you view yourself.

When you surround yourself with confident people, this will reflect your overall perspective and outlook on yourself.

Instead of constantly being around people who drain you and are considered as negative, choose to be around those that can encourage and lift you up.

They will inspire you with their positivity and energy that you need to overcome the doubt you’re struggling with.

Realize That Nobody Defines You But Yourself

You’ve got to stop listening to what others say about you because people will always drag you down along with them.

Nobody likes seeing songs comfortable in their own skin, which is why people always try to diminish someone’s self-esteem when they see you’re secure in who you are.

Never listen to what others say about you when they’re full of negativity and doubt.

Instead keep moving forward with your confidence and realize that you’ll go place, no matter what flaws you have.

Keep your head held high and ignore the people who try to convince you that you worth will only be defined by your shortcomings, your mistakes, and bad decisions.

With these ways I hope you’ll find it easier to battle against your insecurities and become capable of Choosing confidence instead.

No matter what anyone else tells you, you deserve to feel confident in who you are and aren’t defined by the failure and mistakes you make as a person.

Life is too short to live with self-sabotaging action and thoughts so choosing a confident life is the best thing you can do.

You Survived What You Thought Would Kill You. Now Straighten Your Crown And Move Forward.

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