The King

People think of Jesus in many ways. Perhaps two of the most common are that He is a wise teacher or a great example. But Psalms 110:1-7 is the most cited in the New Testament, tells us of two of Jesus’s roles: The Priest and The King.

The King in Psalm 110 is unequaled in power and might. He sits at God’s right hand in the place of highest authority. He is guaranteed victory over His adversaries and He rules His people in such a way that they freely follow Him. He crushes opposing kings and excuses judgement among the nations. He is exalted and has sure victory over all His enemies.

When Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, God restored Him to His original place at His right hand. His resurrection was both a vindication of His status as the Son of God and His enthronement as the rightful King over creation. He defeated the power of sin and death and He presently reigns as King. This means that Jesus has the power and authority to protect us from all evil and wickedness, and it also means the He deserves our complete allegiance and loyalty.

This Psalm Also tells us that Jesus is a priestly King. Priests offer sacrifices and prayers on behalf of their people. But Jesus is a permanent priest in the order of Melchizedek, who was greater than all other priests. Jesus offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sin and He continually intercedes for us. He clothes us in Holy Garments, so that through Him, we can draw near to God.

Christ has always been the sovereign Lord of all, but in His ministry, death, resurrection, abs ascension, a new phase of His reign began. That marked the beginning of the full abs final defeat of His enemies, and even now He is working to destroy them. He cannot fail, some foe of His can finally defeat Him or those who are untied to Him by faith alone. Therefore, let our foes do their worst. We are safe in Christ forever.

You see God has already the victory. God wins satan just doesn’t realize it yet.

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