Is Your Soul Exhausted

Soul exhaustion will drain your spirit in a way you never knew possible.

You’re tired. And it’s a type of tired that has seeped into your bones. You don’t know how to rid yourself of it. It’s so heavy it has become a part of you.

Sadly it’s become your new normal.

Feeling live your have energy is a thing of the past. When your friends and family ask you to do anything after eight-o- clock in the evening. You respond by saying “that’s not going to happen.” You barely have enough energy to keep you eyelids open during a long day at work or keeping up with the kids, let alone go our after you’ve finished the day.

But it’s not just about the immense energy that you need to summon to keep your eyelids open, either. It’s test you seem to have no energy do to anything.

It takes to much energy to clean your house well, talk to friends or family members. It takes to much energy to talk to anyone that are pressing on your heart and soul. It takes to much energy to even disagree with things that people say that that trouble you.

It’s too much energy to hope for things you’ve been dreaming about. You no longer allow yourself to get excited about the good things in life. You feel like you have nothing left to give. And so you just don’t engage in anything.

But, there’s a reason why you can’t summon that energy for these simple things. There’s a reason why you don’t engage, and let yourself dream about the unknown path doing so has left you drained of your emotion.

A Soul that’s exhausted can feel like you’re running a race without an end. It seems like you’re treading on water for hours in the middle of the sea. Soul exhaustion feels like you have no more tears left to cry, not only are your tear ducts empty but your spirit is also.

A person that’s soul exhausted only wants to be in a quiet atmosphere and get lots and lots of sleep. It becomes easy for you to withdraw, craving solitude because it’s easier that engaging with people in your life.

When this happens I hope then you can pause and dig deeper. I hope you take time to stop and think about why you want to withdraw from the life you’ve been living and resist the urge to give into withdraw completely.

You need to recognize and take time to figure out what you need to make your soul feel alive again. The difference between needing time alone and withdrawing from everyone and everything around you is a exhausted soul.

Maybe you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Perhaps you just need a few days to yourself. Maybe a new routine, job, new group of friends. Perhaps you need to speak up for what you need more of (tell someone). Maybe you just need to get more comfortable with saying “no.”

Start by asking for help you don’t need to do everything alone. Ask for help with cleaning your house, taking care of the kids. Remind yourself it is okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you a failure if you ask for help.

Take time to breathe look for the beauty in the world.

Whatever it is that’s exhausting your soul, give yourself permission and space to figure it out. Life is a gift to be treasured.

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