Ways God Speaks To Us

On every we are ready to hear God, we then need to know how God speaks and how to recognize His voice. In his book Ten steps Toward Christ, Pastor Jimmy Evens explains the five main ways God speaks to us and how we can recognize His voice in our lives.

1. Through His Still, Small Voice Inside Our Hearts. In 1 Kings 19, the prophet Elijah encounters God through a ‘still, small “ voice. This is the best way to describe God’s voice in our lives. God’s voice is profoundly audible, though it isn’t always distinguishable by our physical ears.

God doesn’t have to speak loudly, because He lives in our hearts. He doesn’t want to intimidate us. God is a master of communication, and He speaks our language. When you pray, listen for a still small voice inside your heart that is the most loving voice you’ll ever hear. That is God. Follow that voice.

2. Through The Rhema Word Of God. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

In the scripture above, “word” is the Greek word rhema. It means “the living voice of God’ or now word of God.’ As you read your Bible daily, you give God an opportunity to speak a rhema word to you. He does this as you read Logos, which is the written Word of God.

One of the many reasons we should read the Bible is that God often uses it as a means for His “living voice’ to speak into an area in our lives where we need it at that time. As you sit down to read the Word daily, ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand it. Also, ask God to give you a good rhema word as you read. You will find that He will do it often, and those nuggets of truth will transform your life as you receive and obey them.

3. Through A Sense Of Peace. The peace of God in our hearts is one of the most important ways that God speaks to us daily. Through His peace, He guides us situationally, just as an umpire directs a game situation by situation. As we pray for direction from the Lord, in many cases He doesn’t answer by saying so to us. Instead, He answers through His peace.

As you seek the Lord’s guidance, you should always pay attention to the level of peace in your life regarding this issue you are seeking Him about. God has an eternal perspective and isn’t limited by circumstances. As you pray for daily direction, don’t forget God’s peace. It will follow you throughout the day and “umpire” those decisions that can come at you so fast,

4. Through Open And Closed Doors. God knows His purpose and destiny for us and He doesn’t want us to get off track. He is protective and doesn’t want us to be harmed. Therefore, He uses circumstances to open doors for us and close doors for us.

“Lord, open doors for me that no man can close doors for me that no man an open until I am standing in Your perfect will for my life.”

We can align our hearts with God’s sovereign will and become much more sensitive to His guidance. Don’t be discouraged when a door is closed. There will be another one will open to guide you into God’s will for your life. He is faithful and is working all around you to guide you and keep you safe.

5. Through Other People. God often uses people to speak to us. One of the primary people He uses is a wide or husband. God wants to remind us that we need each other. He also wants us to be humble and teachable in our relations with others.

God uses parents to speak to children. God used Mary to speak to Jesus when He was a child and an adult. God also uses authority figures to speak to us. As you pray for guidance, be sure to listen to the voices of others around you. You Obviously can’t listen to everyone, because they aren’t saying the same things. But you can listen for those times when someone is saying something to you that God confirms in your heart is from Him.

God speaks to us today. Seek Him daily in His Word and through prayer. As you do, ask Him to speak to you as you examine your heart and keep it pure before Him. Be sensitive to His voice in the five areas we have discussed. It won’t take you long to begin to hear Hum and personally witness the difference His voice makes in your life.

I experience God’s voice personally with a churning in my stomach when something I’m doing is going to lead to conviction or danger. It’s another way God speaks to us, but we have to listen and pay attention.

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