3 Powerful Little Words

As humans, we are wired to pursue pleasure. Tree 3 words that drive our actions are “I want that.”

Desires moves us to get the objects we desire. So, many people say they don’t know what the want.

But I’ve realized it’s because we live in a world where the things we are programmed to desire are quick fixes, intense shot of instant gratification: sugar, junk food, alcohol, drug, and more, and fast and easy entertainment.

I know that each one of us have a deep yearning for more, more abundance, more contribution more significance, more meaning, more fulfillment

The problem is that those “quick fixes” never lead to any of those things. We use up all our wanting on fast, easy, cheap sources of intense pleasure and are left depleted and fighting against the negative consequences of those things.

Feeling good is our birthright. We are designed to feel good.

It’s simply a matter or redirecting our desires to the thing that we want more than cheap thrills of modern life.

What do you want more that dessert? Or endless episodes of your favorite TV show? Or that Video game your playing?

Learning how to delay gratification will save some desire fuel for the more important things in life.

So, ask yourself: “What do I really want?”

This is a powerful question and one that I recommend you ask yourself often.

Give yourself permission to want what you want. Then let that desire build and fuel your motivation to go out and get it.

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