A Promise Fulfilled

When we median Christ’s ultimate victory over sin and death, we must remember the decisive event in human history that has taken place on the cross. It is the pivotal point of the greatest reversal even known: the place where sin, death, and the powers of this world were defeated, once and for all. There is nothing more central to the Christian life than this. But we can’t just stop there. Jesus is risen!

So often in our theology we focus on the suffering and mystery, as opposed to the strength and victory that has come from Jesus’s resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus has happened, and it is a community empowered like no other then or since to change the world in which we live by being changed ourselves.

For the cross to be a victory, it’s power must give us the strength to face the demands and pressures of life’s battles and to understand at a deeper level the nature of those battles. The cross, resurrection, and giving of the Spirit is the engine we need to be released into fulfilled lives of sacrifice, service, love, and purpose, to be agents of change in the world.

But first, perhaps this is the moment to ask God to come and bring about the change in us that will enable us to be the change we pray for.

The risen Savior changes lives not only for eternity, but right now, today, here on earth. That is a fact to celebrate.

We often take for granted what the risen Christ has done for us for eternity, and for today. We lose gratitude for the ever-present power of Jesus’s death and resurrection. But today let’s regain our wonder of living in the power of the resurrection.

Luke 24:44-49

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