Jesus Cleanses The Temple

No matter how committed all the world we are to God, we have a tendency to fall back into old patterns of behavior, bad habits, and toxic mindsets. It is if we want to go back to the way we were.

Jesus saw this tendency to fall into our old ways when he cleaned out the temple. In the beginning of his ministry, after his first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana, He Travel to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.

Temple courts He found then selling cattle; He Scattered acorns and the money changers and overturned their tables. Kill those who sold doves He Add to them all out of there! Furious that they had turned His Father’s house into a market.

Three years later, you’re his last week of life on earth, he just came upon the unholy activities again. Jesus enter the temple courts and roll out all who are buying and selling there. He overturn the tables of money changers and the benches a little selling doves.

How did the corruption happen for the second time? Perhaps it had happened all at once. After Jesus cleared out the temple initially it might have stayed that way for a time. But one day, and money changer set up his table. Then another one in a few pigeons, i’ll buy a couple cattle and then the pandemonium and ensued.

The next thing we see is that the temple isn’t any different that it was before Jesus cleared it out three years earlier. In three years it had reverted back to an unholy mess.

This is why Jesus came to earth and died on the cross. To redeem us from our sin. Which the gap between who we should be and who we really are. He turns over the tables of sin, idolatry and greed and instead, Since His hand to and I, And invites us to surrender to our desires, and align our lives with His very own.

Today the world have gotten back to our old patterns of behavior, bad habits, and toxic mindsets. The Lord must think they are they are at it again. Haven’t they learned anything. We have seen in scripture that God is slow to anger, but how much can He diffuse His anger.

Less resistance temptation and keep going back to the way we were. If you are willing to take a few moments and ask God if there is something you were allowed to creep back in your life, as the spirit to feel you again, and heal your heart, and He will be delighted to do so.

The world is where is today because we have fallen back into our old patterns of behavior, bad habits, and toxic mindsets. There is too much sin in the world. Prophecy tells us that when there’s so much shit in the world that has not been repented for. We will have to endure God’s wrath.

He will come again and take all the sin out of the world. Are you prepared.

Matthew 21:12-19

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