Resurrection Sunday

For most of Mary Magdalene’s life, only her activities were recorded. There’s not a single thing that she spoke from the beginning of her life in Scripture, but her actions introduce her thoroughly. We get a clear picture of a women who she was one of Jesus’s closest and most devoted friends.

Jesus rescued her from the destructive grip of seven demons, and afterwards she never left His side. Instead of going back to life as normal, Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus and the disciples. Mary stayed with Him at the cross, helped bury Him and hurried back to the grave as soon as the sabbath rest was over.

Mary Magdalene ran through the streets of Jerusalem “while it was dark,” seeking the One who called Himself light. But He was not there. The tomb was empty. As two angels looked on, Mary Magdalene wept. She hadn’t grasped the truth of His resurrection until He spoke her name: “Mary”.

The Lord speaks our name as well, in the depths of our hearts. He calls us to see Bin as He truly is: Risen, victorious, eternal. He calls us to believe, to leave the darkness of doubt behind step into the light of His truth.

On that sacred morning long ago, Mary Magdalene couldn’t keep the good news to here. She went to the disciples, just as Jesus had commanded her, and told them, “I have seen to Lord!”

He urges all of us who love Him to do the same. To tell everyone who will listen. “The Lord is alive. He is real. And here’s how much He loves you.” Let’s emulate Mary Magdalene, developing a tender heart, cultivating lives with our actions, by generating words that let others know that we have seen the Lord.

John 20:11-18

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