Counting The Omer

From the second night of Passover until the day of Pentecost. God’s people engage in an unique mitzvah (a religious duty) called counting of the Omer. While it’s not good to become religious these 49 days can change your life if you pay attention to this command in the Bible.

The Bible commands us that during this time each year we count seven complete weeks, for 49 days. At the end of the seven week periods celebrate Pentecost (or Shavuot), which means weeks.

This is considered a mitzvah, so the count, which takes place each night, is preceded by a blessing. Hover, we may recite the blessing on,y if we have not missed a single day’s counting. (There are apps you can get on your phone or computer to be involved in this yearly count and blessings). If you have omitted the counting even one night during that stretch and don’t make it up during the day time without reciting the blessing, we may no longer recite the blessing,

The days in the Bible start at 6:00pm to 6:00pm so each nights count for the following day.

During the times of the Holy Temple, at the beginning of the Omer count and on the following holiday of Pentecost (Shavuot), special grain offerings were waved in different directions to demonstrate God’s Almighty’s all encompassing presence

Why Do People Count The Omer Today?

We learn several reasons. The foremost is that this count demonstrates our thrill for the impending occasion of receiving the Bible celebrated on Pentecost. Just as a child often counts the days until the end of school or an undo I get family vacation, we count the days to show our excitement at again receiving the Bible in a renewed sense every year,

We also learn that this person is meant to spiritually prepare and refine ourselves. When the Jewish people were in Egypt nearly 3,400 years ago, they had assimilated many of the immoral ways of the Egyptian people. The Jews had sunk to an unprecedented level of spiritual defilement and were on the brink of destruction (just as we are today). At the least possible moment, the children of Israel were miraculously redeemed. God chose Moses to bring them out of slavery. They underwent spiritual rebirth and qui ascended to the holiest collective state that had ever reached. (Maybe We are like the Jewish people who were in bondage for all those years). The fact that they had become Holy and were compared to angels when they stood at the foot of Mt. Sinai to receive the Bible.

In was during that 49-day period that they underwent such a radical transformation. From the lowest lows to the highest heights in just seven weeks!

The commandments of the Bible are not meant merely as our history, but instead represent an ongoing life lesson for every one. May we view the Bible as freshly received every day of our lives, and approach it and it’s commandments with appropriate vigor.

When the Omer is counted and meditated over we can digest the lesion that it offers. It is specifically during these 49-days that we can strive to grow and mature in our spiritual state. The Bible does or allow us to become satisfied with our current level of spirituality. Instead it tells us to set high goals for ourselves, and them methodically strive to reach that goal.

If you want to become closer with God it’s a way for that to happen. Learn the lesson of Passover to Pentecost be counting the Omer. It can be read in 10 minutes a day and will keep your focus on the lesion God is trying to teach us during this time.

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