The Gift

You may not look like you are special. You may be so caught up in sin you think God is not looking at you and perhaps a messenger of God may cross your path and tell you “You are beautiful” and your reply is “you think I’m beautiful?” I’m here to tell you, you are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). As a disciple of God, I choose to believe Him and His word as truth. There are so many lies being spread now and particularly to children and their parents. If satan can’t kill them out of the womb then he will try and flood them with lies so they will never become what God intended for them.

The agenda the world is promoting today are outright evil. God created all of us male or female and those two together are so powerful against satan and his plans. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want us to multiply.

I’m here to tell you this generation that is on earth today is a generation that is being birthed like the time of Moses and Jesus. They are called the Jacob generation. Pharaoh and Herod wanted babies killed because they feared their position as kings. Sons and Daughters of God can be kings under the King on earth like never seen before in this age. No one can stop and the move of God no matter how many delays, or how much the enemy of the soul could care less whether they die or go to heaven or hell. He just wants us outlc his way so he can do his evil works.

Ask God to reveal the evil so that you’re not deceived out of your life. And He will do it, and bless you beyond measure. Don’t waste you life. Have faith that Jesus died at the cross for your sins and confess with your mouth that He is Lord ask Him to come into your heart. Become born again. Set your love upon Him, know His name, call on Him in times of trouble. And He will answer and show you His salvation plan (Psalm 91).

The promises of God are sure, but right now the world is a war zone, and we need to rise up and be in God’s army. Let Him give you life and give it abundantly. That’s the reason Jesus came to do and wants to bring you along. We wants to take back what satan has stolen from you. He wants to give you power over the enemy. He wants to give you, authority over satan, He wants to give you peace, happiness and love. But He can only give you these gifts if your willing to receive them.

For nearly 30 years I allowed satan to take my soul, destroy my life, and make me an empty shell, with no love or compassion for anyone I came in contact with. I chose not to let Satan have control over my life anymore. I chose to be happy. I chose to make God the center of my life. Satan has taken so much from me. Don’t let him win. Choose to make God the center and cornerstone of your life. You are worth it.

Begin to live your life in peace with happiness and live it more abundantly. Don’t miss out on your true destiny. Let God be your light, kick Satan out of your life and the darkness will flee.

Accept God’s Gift Today

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