Soul Communication: Learning The Language Of Your Soul

Many people such as Shamans, sages, and phycologists have known throughout the ages have always known The Soul doesn’t speak the human language.

Instead, our souls communicate with us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, pottery, deep feelings and imagination seeing the sacredness in all of life. The human language is far to limiting to express the full spectrum of profound knowledge, insight and revelation that The Soul has to share.

As such, most of us were never taught to tune into the dancing rhythms of our deepest inner selves. Instead, due to our social conditioning we have come to heavily rely on the mind and its interpretation of reality. Unfortunately, our emphasis on hard data, facts, and linear logic has left us gaping hole inside of us. We fill this empty hole with consumerism, addictions, violence, and other endless distractions.

Sometimes a traumatic or extreme event in our lives shakes us out of our habitual way of perceiving existence. But usually most of us tend to miss the big, glaring daily signs that The Soul within us is trying to communicate with us. Not only that, but we tend to actively mistrust, ignore or doubt and sacred form of communication within that they receive.

How can we begin to tune into the subtle inner voice of The Soul and rewire our conditioned brains? How can we listen to Our Souls vital message and nourish ourselves with its life changing wisdom?

Soul Communication

Soul Communication isn’t just reserved for medicine men or women, or enlightened people, it is a birth right of every man, woman, and child. It’s a vital part of our inner work.

For years I had lived without the guidance of My Soul, actively ignoring it or numbing myself out from its voice. Since reconnecting with My Soul, I have discovered that it offers endless gifts, insights, teachings, and direction that helps me connect with my innate wholeness and life purposes. It’s been a long road to get where I am today, but completely worth it.

Observing people in society I’m saddened to see how soulfully emancipated we are. I can immediately tell whether a person has got in touch with their soul or not by the luster in their skin, the glow in their eyes and the type of energy they transmit. Unfortunately, most people are shells of what they could truly become. It’s almost like we are living our lives grabbing at whatever source of warmth we can scavenge when it truth, we are the fire and warmth we are seeking for.

If you would like to learn soul communication, you must first pay attention to the signs that your soul is whispering. There are many signs out there.

Important Signs To Look For:

1. Dream Signs

Western cultures believe that dreams are the unconscious minds way of making sense of reality. But in ancient cultures, such as Egypt and Greece, dreams were messages from the spirits, gods, or divine realms.

God’s Word says, in Acts 2:17 , in the last days, I will pour out my spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will Prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. I don’t think it just coincidence that we need to learn how to listen to our soul language.

These days most healers agree that dreams express important messages and truths about our lives and destinies. In my experience dreams can serve as doorways to new insight, reflections of thru inner feeling, and even portals to interacting within spiritual awareness.

Pay attention to your dreams and the images, symbols and scenarios within them. What stands out to you? You might want to keep a dream journal and record your immediate impression. Some people use dream dictionaries but they rarely convey the true message your dream is trying to transmit to you. Why? Dreams are the archetypes/symbology within them are highly contextual and personal. A dream about being chased can be terrifying, but it may mean you are trying to avoid something in your daily life or might indicate a desire to escape from your own fears or desires. It means different thing for different people.

2. Lucid Dreams

Spontaneous lucid dreams involve suddenly becoming aware that you’re dreaming asleep. Becoming conscious with your dream world is not only spiritually symbolic ( literally wake up) but it is also an opportunity to explore the realm of your unconscious mind. This opportunity from your soul is rare, or it could be constant without any effort on your behalf.

If you’re in the habit of having spontaneous lucid dreams, treat it as a sacred gift. Very few people have access to the depths of the unconscious realm. Treat it as an opportunity to ask yourself questions abc find direction that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise access in waking life.

Regardless, it is possible to actively practice lucid dreaming. It has been done through the insightful work of dream interpretation. It is through the bridging of the unconscious mind with the subconscious mind. When we are in the dream and symbols appear that are recognizable, internally and insightfully one becomes conscious in the dream and aware that we are dreaming. It is thought that this inner soul work that the art of lucid dreaming can become awakened.

3. Repetitive Words Or Numbers

How many times have you looked at the clock and seen 11:11, 12:12, 3:33. Many skeptics say that putting importance into repeated word or numbers is a reflection of something called “confirmation bias,” but I personally don’t believe this is the case. It easy to be cynical and use the left brained approach, but much harder to explore the personal meaning of these experiences,

Regardless of the meaning we assign to repetitive words or numbers, the function of them is to momentarily “wake us up.” Otherwise, why would we give them so much significance? Whenever I see repeated words or numbers or hear my name or word constantly. I take it as a sign of soul communication.

Have you ever been somewhere and you hear your name being called you look around and no-one was there. That’s your soul language telling you to pay attention. So whoever you hear a word or number repeated, ask yourself internally, what’s the hidden message within this? Go within and listen.

4. Animal Omens And Guides

Most of us come across animals in every day. When you pay attention to these different animals, you realize that each one has a specific message or energy type.

However, it’s important to remember to keep in mind that the meaning you assign to different animals is highly personal and not necessarily the “orthodox” meaning already established out there. So don’t feel the need to go by the textbook definition. Go with your gut,

One way of discovering your own unique meanings is to observe what animals you constantly come across every day. Watch them and try to understand what their teaching is. What are they revealing? How do the behave, move or sound? This is a powerful form of communication. Every day when coming home a see a big white fluffy cat in the same place no matter what time of day or night run past me. It’s more than just a coincidence. Most people wouldn’t even notice. But white cats are linked to positivity, purity, and happiness. This is a powerful form of soul communication.

5. Synchronicity Or Serendipity

Have you ever had a string of events happen in a way that seemed special or out of the ordinary? You might refer to these events as “serendipity” when in fact they may have been something known as “synchronicity.”

What is synchronicity? Synchronicities are moments of meaningful coincidence, where our inner and our outer worlds align. Often synchronicity is a good way to tell you are on the positive direction of your soul path because everything feels as though it is unfolding with out your conscious effort. You might even have the sensation that life and God is playing an active hand in making your dreams or aspirations come true.

It is my personal belief that nothing happens just by chance and coincidence is an illusion p. I believe at the core soul and spirit level, everything is interconnected. it’s like a funnel of water you don’t need to force the water to go through, the water goes through effortlessly.

So watch out for moments of synchronicity – they are powerful reflections that you’re on the highest potential timeline of the seed to your soul.

6. Gut Feelings

A gut feeling is an unexplainable sensation that tells you to do or not to do something. Another synonym for this phrase is the word Intuition. We all know what Intuition is, but most of us have trouble listening to it.

Intuition is different from the inner voice of fear because it is subtle, calm and centered, as opposed to being frantic or aggressive. This is a very important distinction to make. Many people believe that they are being guided by intuition when in fact they are being guided by their fearful inner talk.

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