Why You’re Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want

For the last few weeks I’ve had a been manifesting the opposite of what I want. So I did what I usually do, I found why. I know I can’t be the only one this happens to.

Why am I manifesting in reverse?

In other words, the opposite of what we want is manifesting is showing up within our reality. It can be very frustrating.

When we really want that promotion but you end of losing your job instead. Or when you are save money and as soon as you think you can get ahead an unexpected bill comes up and leaves you completely broke.

So Why Does This Happen?

And what can we do to get yours manifestations moving in the right direction?

If you believe you will receive right?

Let’s look at the 6 main reasons why we might be manifesting in reverse.

1. Time Desperation.

Rome wasn’t build in a day.

If you have manifested the opposite of what you want, it may be that we have now allowed enough time for your desire to manifest. All to often we get stressed out about time. But we shouldn’t. The truth is that whenever we focus on time, we actually attract more time.

This means that we will wait even longer time. This means that we have to even wait longer for our desires to manifest. When we have to wait on time causes stress and frustration and we will manifest even more of those feelings.

When we put our complete faith in God, there is no need to worry about how long it takes. When we trust that God wills is for good, and not for evil. And He’s always right on time. We need to be happy and just trust what’s to come.

2. Manifesting From A Place Of Need.

Neediness is a form of lack. And when you feel something is lacking, we attract more lack within our reality…

Most of us don’t even discover the Law Of Attraction until there’s something that we really really want.

It’s hard not to feel at least a little desperate when it comes to our deepest desires – but again, this goes back to the faith factor. If we truly have faith that our desires are on their way, we will feel nothing but joy and excitement.

There is no need to feel needy or desperate because our desires have already been lined up for us. All we need to do is believe and enjoy your life in the meantime.

3. Not Dealing With Subconscious Patterns.

From childhood onward, we are all conditioned to have certain beliefs. Unfortunately, some of them can do lasting damage.

Things like…

“Good Things Only Come To The very wealthy people…”


“I am just like my parents and will live the same kind of life…”

It’s these kinds of beliefs that can lead to reverse manifestation. And the worst part is that sometimes we don’t even realize just how much our limiting beliefs are affecting us,

Here is an example of “reverse manifestation” resulting from limiting beliefs.

Technically there is no reverse manifestation but we may interpret it as such especially if we are unaware of just how much we’re limiting beliefs are affecting us.

Say you have been consciously manifesting money… When we practice our affirmations and visualizations. When we have literally doing all the right things.

But for some reason, we keep getting the opposite.

Instead of abundance, we seem to be receiving more bills, more debt and more stress.

Sure we may be manifesting on a conscious level, but what about our subconscious thoughts and feeling?

Limiting beliefs are deep-seated and will not be changed by mere conscious thought.

So how do we rewrite the subconscious with more positive programming?

Through Repetition.

It’s like learning to drive. When we are learning, every action must be conscious. We consciously pay attention to thing like changing gears and checking mirrors, but over time, these actions happen on auto-pilot.

We no longer have to consciously remember what actions to take because we know them all by heart.

4. Feeling Bad About Our Life.

You can imagine the future all you like but if you hate your life, you are most likely going to manifest the opposite of what you really want.

The ultimate path to alignment is to visualize your goals and then feel good. So, we need to go about our daily lives taking steps toward our desires and enjoy the process.

We didn’t come into physical existence to manifest all of our desires instantaneously.

If we wanted that, we would have remained in a non-physical reality… a dream state.

But No!

We came to savior the sweetness of creation and therefore experience appreciation more intensely that we ever have before.

So if we’re manifesting a better life because we can’t stand the one we are right now, we may have missed a step.

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Gratitude.

Find time each and everyday to be thankful for our blessings. Appreciate the little things. The sunshine, your warm bed, food on your table.

Remember, when you feel gratitude, the Law of Attraction keeps you showered with blessings in order to attract even more gratitude.

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