Change Your Future To Rewrite Your Past

People think that only the future can be changed, but in fact, the future is continually changing the past. The past does not change. It’s exquisitely sensitive and delicately balanced.

When we think about time, we tend to divide it into three dimensions: pasta present, and future. We also tend to accept certain beliefs about dimensions without must questioning.

The present is here and now. It’s was currently happening. The future, alternatively is what will happen. It is what will come to be.

In both these dimensions, there are many possibilities. We could do all sorts of things right now, and we can make all kinds of choices in the future.

Unlike the present and the future, the past is locked in. Short of inventing the elusive time machine. There’s not much we can do change the past. We simply have to accept it and move forward. Or do we?

Here’s A Concept

The way we experience the future affects our recording of the past. In some cases we can actually change the past.

Past lives are memories, and these memories are far more reliable. We are the unreliable narrator of our own story. We might exaggerate our successes or magnify our failures out of proportion. These tendencies are not mutually exclusive, we might do both at the same time.

Listed Below Are A Few Ways The Future Can Change The Past.

1. The Effect On New Experience.

Think back on a time in which you really wanted something and didn’t get it. You wanted to gain the acceptance or approval of someone. You wanted to be offered a job or admission to an elite program. Whatever it is, you wanted it desperately and you didn’t get it.

When you fail to achieve your goal, you experience feelings of despair . For a long time afterwards, it hurt to think about it. You wondered if you should have tried harder or done something differently ( we’ve all been there).

As painful as it was, however, you eventually reached a turning point. Something else came a,one that wouldn’t have been possible in the alternative universe you so desired – clearly, this new thing turned out to be much better.

Looking back later, you see your original situation in a whole new light. Now you understand that instead of that situation served as a low point in your life, something you always wish had turned out differently, it’s taken on another role entirely. The time you didn’t get what you wanted thank God.

Just think about that. The thing you most wanted was the very thing you didn’t need.

This isn’t simply a matter of interpretation. In these situations the past is literally different because of something that took place – in the future.

2. The Effect On New Information

Now imagine that your family decides to take a DNA test, and you discover that your dad is not your biological Father. This actually happens to families sometimes. Would if you find out when your 30 years old was like a bad soup opera, except it’s happening in your own front room.

This new information could change your past, whether you think it should or not. would it create turmoil in your life I’m sure it would. I would change the whole dynamics of your past.

You could argue that this new information shouldn’t have so much power over you. Maybe your life was happy and stable before learning that the secret should have been held for 30 years. Why shouldn’t everyone just accept that “something is different, but most things are still the same?”

Whether or not you think you should or shouldn’t is irrelevant. The status quo would be an impossible outcome. You would never be able to see the past the same way again. The fact is any substantial new information changes the past.

3. The Weight Of Major Events

Finally, imagine that a major event takes place in your life. Wheat he positive of negative, let’s go with positive: you win the lottery. It’s a bunch of money, one of those that makes headlines and provides you with a dizzying amount.

The week before you won the lottery, you missed a credit card payment. The missed payment has been lingering in the back of your mind, making you feel anxious whenever it surfaces.

Now, as a $100 million lottery winner, what do you think about that missed payment? Chances are, you don’t think much about it at all!

Whatever guilt you had over it would be eliminated as you cheerfully went ti pay off the entire balance. Your internal narrative would shift.

Before: This credit card bill is really bothering me, I feel embarrassed and ashamed.

After: Remember that time I missed a payment right before I won the lottery? What a difference a day makes!

The past can altogether be erased while lots of other things about your life change as well, and credit card bills would no longer be on your mind.

When a major event occurs, the shift in the past can be sudden and a total transformation. Situations in your past that bothered you before can seem much farther off in the distance.

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