Soul Exhaustion: Why Are You Always Feeling Tired?

Did you know that feeling constantly exhausted is a sign of your soul being tired? People who have a active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep can still feel weary. This is soul exhaustion, not body exhaustion.

How Soul Exhaustion Occurs

We all have an “inner flame” that drives us to do what we do every day. This drive or purpose keeps our soul alive and helps us pursue our jobs or relationships to better ourselves. Still, there are times when our soul is out of alignment with our “inner flame.” Think of the times when you feel empty, knowing that something just isn’t right.

Typical triggers of soul exhaustion include being in a toxic relationship or undergoing a Spiritual Awakening.

The Symptoms

Here are the warning signs that you could be going through soul exhaustion:

Restless After Resting

Do you feel tired when waking up or after taking a nap? Like, when you have something bothering you, you wake up feeling restless even after oversleeping.

You see, sleep helps your body recover but can never heal a tired soul.

You may need to take a retreat, or distract your mind by going down time, or even shift your focus on others to feel a change.

Constant Urge To Escape

Do you get lonely while hanging out with friends or family? Or does you life lack purpose, and you look forward to the weekend to sleep through it? This dis-satisfaction with your life is due to a tired soul. And, when your soul is sick ( or exhausted) nothing seems to work, you get a strong urge to escape from your current situation.

When you want to run away from this reality, you may resign from your job, move, or end a long-term rewith your partner for no apparent reason.

Revisiting Your Past

Do you often gravitate toward you past trying to remove your past happy moments? Think of the times you’ve re-watched your favorite old movies, are-read books you cherished when you were a child, or play video games that used to excite you.

Revisiting your past happy moments feels great, for awhile but, sometime you will have to deal with your tited soul.

You Become A Loner

Soul exhaustion slowly alienates us from those we cherish. We tend to feel out of place when socializing with our peers. You may feel forced to meet up with friends because we have to, not because you want to. And while there you can’t wait to get back home and lock yourself away from those who know you.

And when you get your way, you struggle with feelings of loneliness. It is a vicious cycle that can result in depression.

Sudden Lack Of Interest

If you feel that nothing interests you anymore, it could be your soul, not your body that is tired. Nothing excites you. Even the places you hang out with your friends, current hobbies, or your career may seem too dull for you. This lack of motivation to do even your routine chores is a big symptom of soul exhaustion.

Mood Swings

A tired soul makes you feel out of sync with your body and mind. In turn you may feel super energetic and happy and then suddenly your emotions change into sadness or depression. These sudden mood swings can leave you crying or anti-social for no reason. It is a confusing episode since you can’t find a reasonable explanation for how you feel.

Lingering Negative Thoughts

When your soul is tired, all of your plans seem to crumble. You feel like a loser and can become pessimistic about life. Let’s this is only a skewed view of life due to soul exhaustion. A positive perspective drives us to pursue the possibilities, conquering our fears in the process. Soul exhaustion makes us own our negative thoughts and hate ourselves.

Chronic Anxiety

Soul exhaustion disrupts our inner peace and can result in panic attacks now and then. The lingering pani attacks can lead to chronic anxiety and depression.

Fear Of The Future

We know that the future is uncertain for everyone. In turn, we do all we can do to prepare for it. Still, when you are undergoing some exhaustion, your fear for the future disrupts your current life. By worrying about your future, you overlook your prevailing achievements, even when you should applaud yourself.

Tips For Overcoming Soul Exhaustion

Soul exhaustion is as bad as body damage. Ignoring the above symptoms can trigger mental health problems, deep depression, and chronic anxiety, which worsen the situation. But you can overcome soul exhaustion by taking proactive steps toward soul healing.

These Include:

  • Get Out Of That Toxic Relationship

If you are the victim of a narcissistic relationship or, an empath drained by a energy vampire find a way to end this toxic relationship. By doing so, you cut the source of your soul’s tiredness and prepare yourself for the healing process.

  • Practice Self-Love

When you have a tired soul, you may struggle to look after yourself. It’s at this time you need to opt for self-love routines that take the least time to accomplish. Which can include: taking a bath, meditating before sleeping and after waking up, Shake up your daily routine, cut down on your to do list, cut out eating junk food, spending time outdoors, reduce your sleeping time (if you get more than 8 hrs a day), listen to relaxing music, light scented candles in your house, or adopt a pet.

  • Seek Help

If you are struggling with a mental health issue as a result of soul exhaustion, you may need to seek professional help to get out of it. Never shy away from getting help. Talk to a lived one, or join a o line support group to share and learn more from others in a similar situation.

Is your soul tired? You could be feeling restless, have mood swings, or lack interest in what you like. If so, identify the signs of soul exhaustion and begin the healing process. Healing your tiredsojl takes time, bit it is worth the effort. Start by cutting the triggers of your work tiredness. Make some small lifestyle changes that focus on self-care. And still be open to those who want to help you.

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