Casting Your Cares Upon God

Overwhelmed, crushed by circumstances beyond your control. Anxious over questions or which black answers. That’s how we often feel.

Our concerns may be different and distinct, but we all carry the weight of our own cares and concerns. We all do it, and often on our own detriment. We lose sleep worrying. We lose our focus, fearing the worst about financial difficulties. We lose our peace, drawing hypothetical conclusion to what if thoughts.

Jesus never intended our concerns to dominate our thinking because He understands a negative impact on our well-being. That’s why He says, Through a letter written by the apostle Peter, to cast our anxieties on Him.

“Cast All Your Anxiety on Him Because He Cares For You.” (1 Peter 5:7)

In this verse “cast” means to hurl or heave with force. It doesn’t suggest we generally place one problem on Jesus’s shoulders to see how He resolves it before entrusting Him with another. Neither does it Imply we give Him our concerns only to retrieve them a short time later. Nothing Elkhart cares me throwing them onto Jesus which force because we’re done dealing with them and have no intention of taking them back.

Jesus’s Shoulders are bigger than ours, and His strength is greater. He can handle those situated too complex for us He can bear the burdens too heavy for us every single one of them.

Sometimes we forget a little word “all” in verse 7. We give some concerns to Jesus, but we hesitate to surrender others. But here’s the thing: Our concerns can’t wield control over us when we yield control to Jesus. Let’s all surrender our anxieties, no matter what caused them, and trust Him for the best outcome.

What concerns are you carrying today? Take a deep breath, now exhale. Repeat. Do this exercise that option is needed give your concerns to Jesus because He cares for you.

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