How Do We Fight The Good Fight?

What is the “good fight” and how did we fight for it?

Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold Of the eternal life to which you were called. And you confess the good compassion and the site of many witnesses.

1 Timothy 6:12

The apostle suggests to Timothy, that to mind the things of this world. His life was a state of warfare as he was a soldier, and was not to entangle himself with the things of this life. How many times do we let this ,ice entangle us into the things of this world.

Timothy had many enemies to engage with, including Satan, and his principalities and powers; sin and lusts of the flesh; the world, and the men of it, and a great fight of afflictions to endure with them. As also false teachers, with, whom Literally he wants to fight the good fight of faith, so that the truth of the Gospel, which they resisted, might continue with the saints.

This fight is called “the fight of faith,” Hartley in opposition to the law, and in which the false teachers, In the apostle sign, we’re so much engaged, and against whom the apostles set themselves. And partly because the doctrine of faith, faith of the gospel, the first ones delivered to the Saints, is what they honestly contended , strove, and thought for; And because of the grace of faith, as conversant with the Scriptures of truth, was the weapon they fought with.

It may be called a “good fight,” because it is in a good cause, the cause of God and truth; Under a good captain, Jesus Christ the captain of our salvation, or which good weapons are provided, even the whole armor of God, in which are not carnal, but spiritual in mighty; To which may be added, that those who are engaged in this fight maybe share a victory, and the crown of glory, life and righteousness.

What Is The Good Fight?

Those who will get to heaven must fight their way toward it. There must be a conflict with corruption and temptations, and the opposition of the powers of darkness. Observe, it is a good fight, it is a good cause, and it will have a good issue. It is a fight of faith; We do not war after the flesh, for the weapon of our warfare are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:3; 2 Corinthians 10:4). He exhorts him to lay hold of eternal life. Observe:

1. Eternal life with the crown proposed to us, for our encouragement to war, and to fight a good fight of faith, the good warfare.

2. This we must way hold on, How do you those that are afraid of coming short a bitch and losing it. Lay hold, and take heed I’m losing your home. Holdfast that which you have, that no man take your crown (Revelation 3:11).

3. We are called to the fight, and he will hold on eternal life.

4. Profession Timothy and all faithful ministers make before many witnesses is a good profession, for they profess and engage to fight the good fight of faith, and to lay hold on eternal life; their calling and their old profession oblige them to this. While we are not ministers we have to be strong in our profession to fight the good fight.

We must fight the good fight with all our might. Christ is our strength and Christ is out light. Play hold on life and it shall be out joy and crown eternally.

Run the street race suit God’s good grace, if your eyes and seek Christ’s face. Live with it way before us, Christ is the path and Christ is the prize.

Cast cares aside, lean out our guide. Gods boundless mercy will provide. Trust, and our trusting soul shall prove Christ is it’s life, and Christ is love.

Faint not in fear; Gods arms are near.God does not change and you are dear. Only green that you should see Christ in all in all.

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith. Take Hold Of The Eternal Life To Which You Were Called, And You Confessed The Good Confession In The Sight Of Many Witnesses.

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