Why We Never Give Up

Some days things in your life feel so much a struggle that we think about throwing in the towel.

Maybe your job is just getting to stressful or perhaps a relationship is not where you want it to be anymore, or you are tired of dealing with medical issues in your life. Whatever the stressed, it’s completely normal to have those feelings.

So let’s talk about why you should never give up in life.

Life Is A Journey Of Ups And Downs

Life is full of successes and fail. It’s a dance of highs, lows and somewhere in between. I always like to use nature as a great example and to let it be our teacher in life. There is a season for sowing and a season for reaping. Just like having a baby between the wanting and the having. People don’t question this, they just accept that’s how it is. It’s the law of nature.

So why when it comes to challenges in life do any of us just call it a day?

A farmer doesn’t plant his potatoes and just say “I’m done” after just 2 days.

I don’t lose faith in God when my day goes horribly wrong, I think He is still watching over me when I’m in the valley just as He’s watching over me when I’m on the mountain top..

When you can grasp an unofficial this basic law of life. It’s a solid reminder that things require work and take time. Things don’t happen overnight.

It’s a funny thing, time is such a precious commodity, yet we consistently destroy it with meaningful things.

We’ve Lost Our Patience

In a modern-day world of fast paced living, social media addiction, and craving for the next hit of dopamine; it’s no wonder people have formed a habit of giving up on anything and everything more easily.

Because of our shorted attention spans, it has led us to lose focus and have less Patience on things. There are so many distractions around us all the time. When people don’t get the immediate gratification of something they give up.

Giving Up Will Only Make Things Worse

When people feel like giving up on something. If you personally believe that the pain will disappear, I’m glad they’re giving up something will shift more positively for them. Of course there are many levels to this.

Giving up on a piece of school work is a little different than feeling like you want to give up on your entire life.

Why will giving up make things worse?

Because giving up is not what you want deep down. It’s taking the path of least resistance. It’s easy way out in the moment, but the most pain in the future. Growth and progress or what makes us feel better. They give us strength and belief that our future is brighter.

Life Is A Magnificent Adventure When We Find Meaning In It.

I tried to say one thing about why you should never give up, it would be the above. Life is so extra ordinary and amazing when we can find meaning and sense of purpose. When we live with intention, we can recognize that the difficulties are part of the journey.

Our failures and setbacks are feedback for us. They let us know that something needs to change. Don’t let them make you quit.

Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do you want it hard in your life will be easy.

Les Brown

When Giving Up Is Okay

Giving up is actually never okay, in my opinion. However, it’s important to mention that if you are truly unhappy about something in your life, then it’s perfectly okay to quit whatever it is. This means that something which is not helping you grow or feel fulfilled is consciously removed from your life.

The difference is quitting something that you generally no longer want and not just giving up on something because of the difficulties or challenges around it.

I would suggest getting super clear with yourself and asking in those moments of decision, “am I giving up because this is too hard or stressful right now?” Or, “am ai done with this so much right now that I want it out of my life for good?”

You Are The Creator Of Your Own Life

Remember that you are the driver in the seat of your own life. You decide what you want, what things mean to you, and how you live your life day to day.

You can let others decide what to do, build someone else’s dream, and get by the best you can. But I know you are reading this because you aren’t somebody who is willing to settle in life.

Live Fully, Wholeheartedly, And True To Yourself!

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