God Has A Plan

If you have a poor-self image, it had already adversely affected your life, but I’ve learned you can be healed and not allow the the past to repeat itself. It’s okay to let go of what’s behind you, and day by day press on toward the good things God has in store for you.

God has a plan for everyone of us and a specific way to bring it too pass. But we have to ask for it, and receive it into our hearts and know it is true.

For many years I did not exercise my rights and privileges as a child of God. Hell, I didn’t even know all of this was possible. Satan had taken so much from me, I believed him when he said I wasn’t good enough for God to love me. I was depressed, oppressed and in the prison my mind had created because I believed the father of all lies. I didn’t know anything could be done about my past. I had a very poor self image as well as the outlook for my future was grim.

I was at the brink of giving up on everything I loved and ending it all. I was tired of fighting, tried of trying, tired of living in a deep dark prison. God found me and everything changed. It went from “it’s over,” to “what do I have to lose.”

I ask you to accept God’s love for you and make that love the basis for your love and acceptance of yourself. Receive His affirmation, knowing that you will change and become all that He desires you to be. Then start enjoying yourself- where you are – on your way to full spiritual maturity.

Let God Be God in God In Your Life. Give Him The Reigns. He knows What He Is Doing.

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