How To Build Confidence When You Know You’re Different

When I was growing up, I knew I was different than other kids around me. Because of my situation of abuse at home I was quiet and socially awkward. I was passionate about music and I learned from an early age it was more peaceful when I was alone.

My teachers thought treated me different because I was quiet and never sat by any other kids, I would sit way in the back alone. When others made fun of me it just made me feel I couldn’t trust any one outside my family either.

I became more passionate about music and writing and being alone.

It wasn’t until after high school and I got me first job that I began talking to people and getting a little more confident. And if wasn’t until I turned 20-years old that I started getting into drugs, that made be feel invincible. Then my social life began flourishing. It wasn’t until I turned 23 that had gotten off drug and met my husband that I chose to retreat back into my social awkwardness. Until I turned about 40 that I decided I was alright showing my differences to the world. Maybe it was because I was getting to tired of holding everything in or I just didn’t care what other people thought of me.

But either way I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are a few tips about confidence that I’ve learned:

1. Take Pride In What You Can Do.

Be proud of yourself and what you do. And be kind to yourself.

If you got an A on a essay, or you beat a video game, or cooked a new dish for dinner. You created something. Compliment yourself every time you accomplish something no matter how small.

Sometimes the hardest things is just starting to feel better about yourself. Get the ball rolling by taking pride in yourself.

2. Embrace What Makes You Happy.

I’ve always been a fan of a lot of different things, like all kinds of music, scary movies, driving around places I’ve seen a thousand times looking for something different, people watching. (I like to people watch, not in a creepy way, but how they act or how they dress).

When I realized that no one cared that I was interested in so many different things. That’s when something clicked in my head. That no one’s opinion matters but your own.

Embrace the things that make you happy. Yes, I drive around in circles someday’s or maybe listening to classes music one day and country music the next but it’s what I’m comfortable with, and that makes me more confident. So, embrace what makes you happy.

3. Find Your People.

Join a club, find some chat rooms, join a support group. You can even find a convention for something that interests you.

I’ve met some of by best friend at conventions. You would be surprised how many different conventions or support groups there are for your interests.

When you’re surrounded by people who are interested in the same thing as you, you’ll feel a certain kind of peace. I love being at a convention that focuses on old military soldiers and listening to their war stories, and I get to meet some really great people as well.

I Am Me. I’m Who I’m Meant To Be. I Am My Past, My Present And Who I Want To Be. I’m Not For Everyone. But I Am Me. I’m A Work In Progress, A Destiny. I Am Who I Choose To Be. I Am Me.

We Are All Made From The Same Clay, But Not From The Same Mold.

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