Confess Your Faults

I think there is a place for eventually sharing with someone else what which have occurred in our lives. There is something tremendously healing about verbalizing it to another person (or just speaking out loud to yourself and God) that does wonders for us.

When I finally decided I had to let the bad feelings and flaults that were poisoning me from the inside out. I began to heal. At first I could only tell these to God and I cried so much. But, later I was able to trust someone enough to listen and not repeat what I told them.

So, if you’re ready to confess your deepest secrets and faults, be Spirit-led and choose someone you know you can trust. Be sure by sharing your burdens with someone else, you do not place it upon that individual’s shoulders, trying to dig up old injuries long buried and forgotten in them.

It is so important to use wisdom and balance in these matters. If you are going to share your problems with someone, let God show you who to choose as a confidont. Pick a mature believer, someone who is not going to be burdened down or harmed by what you share or use it to hurt you or make you feel worse about yourself.

Many times there is a release that comes to us as we finally tell someone else those secrets that have been slowly poisoning us from being crammed in the background of our lives for year’s, especially when we discover that the person with who we share them still loves and accepts us in spite of them.

Bringing Things Out In The Open Causes Them To Lose Their Grip On Use, And We Begin To Heal

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