Grace frees us from the dissatisfying claustrophobia of our individualism to enjoy the fulfilling freedom of loving and serving God.

Individualism is not freedom. Living for yourself is not liberty; it is a self-imposed prison. Doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, and how we want it has never been the good life; it never leads to anything good.

Making up our own rules and following our own paths leads to disaster. God calls us to Himself and commands us to follow Him so that, by grace, He May free us from ourselves. In calling us to obedience, God is not robbing us of Liberty, but is leading us to the only place where Liberty can be found.

To understand this, we must look at life from the vantage point of creation and the fall to sin. As the Creator, God designed us to live a dependent life. We were built for a life of loving, worshipful dependency and obedience. You and I do not have the power and wisdom we need to live the independent existence that modern society make us to believe. There is the law of the Universe that if we are not aligned with we will end up destroying ourselves. To try and live life completely independent to God is like trying to drive a beautiful boat down a Superhighway. The boat is a wonderful creation, which is loaded with amazing design details, but it was not built to run on pavement. If you try to run it on land, you will destroy the boat and go nowhere fast.

The entrance of sin into the world and into our hearts teaches us that we were not hardwired for independence. It complicates things. The fall made us all a danger to ourselves. Because of the sin in us, we think bad things, we desire bad things, we are attracted to bad things and we are blind too, to much of what is going on inside of ourselves. So not only need God’s presence and His wisdom to guide and protect us we also need His grace to rescue use.

The doctrine of creation and the fall into sin drives us to conclude that living for ourselves- that is working to independently rule our own little worlds will never work. Life is only ever found when we put ourselves in the hand of our Creator and cast ourselves on His amazing grace. An honest look at how we were put together by the Creator of the universe and what sin did to us destroys any confidence we have in our ability to make it on our own and drives us to the cross of the Lord.

It really is true that individualism is a delusion, that joyful submission is the good life and that Jesus alone is able to transport us from one to the other.

Grace Is The Only Power That Rescues Us From Us

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