Eternity Amnesia

I started reading a devotional today’s was by Paul David Tripp about “ eternity amnesia,” I was amazed by how well his comment helps understand the madness we see around us in the world today and also, sadly, sadly to some degree in the church.

In today’s devotional in his book, New morning mercies I found that his words are so pertinent to the time in Which we live in and who our needs as followers of Christ. Let me read some of what he wrote:

It is sad how many people constantly live the schizophrenic craziness of eternity amnesia. We are created to live in a forever Relationship with her forever God forever. We are designed to live based on a long view of life. We are made who live with one eye on now and one eye on eternity. You and I super cannot live as we were put together to live without forever. But so many people try. They put all their hopes and dreams in the right here, right now situations, locations, possessions, positions, and people of their daily lives… They demand a seriously broken world deliver us what it could never deliver even if we’re not broken.

Paul David Tripp

“ your eternity amnesia makes you unrealistically expectant, vulnerable to temptation, all too driven, dependent on people and things that will only disappoint you, and sadly susceptible to doubting the goodness of God. Recognizing that eternity that is to come allow you to be realistic without being hopeless, and hopeful when things around you don’t encourage much hope.”

And Scripture is clear – this is not paradise, and it won’t be. Rather, this is a time of preparation for the paradise that is to come.”

The evidence is clear – there jusr has to be more to life than this. This broken, sin- scarred mess can’t be all there is. There is a place where everything that is sin is broken will be fully restored who are God originally intended it to be.

Paul David Tripp asked this penetrating question, “Are you experiencing the schizophrenia of having eternity hardwired into your heart but living everything moment is all there is?”

His comments some of my motivation for writing. I write remind myself and Afters that this life is not all there is. Are you seek to draw attention away from the drudgery of day-to-day living in the Quarry if you turn it he waiting at an eternity. Were those who do not rest upon Jesus for the forgiven her for sins and internal life In our Lord and him alone.

While, there are still convictions regarding the timing of Jesus’s return for His church. overriding concern is that we do not place our hope in a fleeting things of this earth but look who Jesus’s return and the joy ahead of us. It is very easy to slip into hoping in the things of this life, or forgetting a wonderful and glorious promises of life ahead for us in eternity. It’s very easy to slip into hoping in the things of life while forgetting the wonderful and glorious promises of life ahead for us in eternity.

So many times the angst and hatred on social media is the result of putting our hope in the things of this life rather than eternity. I am greeted by what I see because it feels a longing for Paradise in this life, which will never happen, and reveals all act of any hope we on our short stay here.

Jesus‘s resurrection make His promises sure. Who else accurately predict His Death and the exact timing of His resurrection? And, if Is words are that accurate, then we can absolutely trust His warnings Of the coming tribulation.

It’s when I forget about eternity that this life takes on a frightful dimension. It’s so easy to get caught up making comments on social media, once I later regret.

On the other hand, if you hear Hope Avenue eternity that has spark so much healing in my soul from the wounds of my past that keep me joyously pushing forward Inspired the aches and pains of this life and in spite of the shifting winds of politics.

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