With The World In Chaos, Control What You Can

There are times in our lives when we are confronted with the reality that we are not in control of the world around us.

As hard as we try, and as much as we’d like to think we’re in control, the reality is, that we are not. And some seasons and circumstances remind us of that fact,

A natural disaster, a terminal diagnosis, a wayward child, an unexpected layoff… are some examples.

At this current moment in time, almost everyone in the world, simultaneously, is being confronted with the reality of the lost control of Covid-19, a tiny virus, invisible to the naked eye, that sent our reality out of control. (it will take years to recover). It disrupted everything in it’s path, even life as normal.

The control we thought we had was updated.

We of course never had as much control over our lives and the world as we thought we did. (no matter our take on this little virus) it uprooted our way of living.

So, how do we respond when the world is in choas? How did you begin to move forward? No matter how we choose to move forward, we have to begin to take back control of what we can control – even in the smallest of ways.

We’ve all been reminded that we are not in ultimate control of the universe. But that does mean we’ve lost all the ability to maintain control of our lives We need to remember even if our usual day-to-day opportunities are taken away from us by another, there is still much we can control.

We can choose to get up in the morning and get moving for the day ahead.

We can choose what we watch on television and when to shut off the news media when it starts getting to us.

We can always control our attitude and our response to the people and events around us.

We can choose to help others instead of being angry about the way things are. Remember everyone handles situations differently and we need to respect others decisions.

So, while this world is in chaos. Control what you can, and be thankful for what you have. Everything can be taken away in an instant.

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