4 Things To Always Walk Away From

1. Conversations The Involve Hate And Gossip

2. Walk Away From Unnecessary Drama

3. Walk Away From People Who Put You Down

4. Walk Away From A Table Where Disrespect Is Being Served

Folding without actually getting up and walking away is like throwing your trash in the trash bin inside your house and then refusing to take it out to dispose of it properly (and permanently).

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve thrown away (folded from). If you don’t take out the trash (known when to walk away), you are setting yourself up for more pain and humiliation that whatever it was that caused you to fold in the first place.

Don’t self-sabotage yourself. “Well I’ve identified what was trash and put into bags, but I’m just fully ready to take it out yet” so I’m just going to leave it here and let it stink awhile. People have no problem disrespecting you if you disrespect yourself.

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