7 Headaches Spiritual Meanings: Left And Right Side

I have suffered from excruciating migraines for years, probably since I was 12-years old. I always thought it was because of the abuse I suffered. Lately they have been getting worse. I’ve been asking God to guide me in what to do, and if I was sinning in anyway to show me.

I’ve had a book on my bookshelf for years, it’s just been sitting there collecting dust. As I was praying last evening, I was led to the bookshelf and I seen that book. It’s called “A More Excellent Way“ by Henry W. Wright.

I thought it might be helpful for someone if they suffered from migraines or headaches in general. Ive been struggling to find answers for some time now.

I found out spiritually migraines are caused by guilt and conflict with oneself, whether it’s real or imagined makes no difference. Although some are caused by high blood pressure or vision conditions. Migraines are often rooted in guilt, conflict or fear.

As I researched I found more.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Headaches?

Headaches pass important messages to our subconscious. As funny as it sounds it’s true.

Whenever you have headaches, it is good to not only pay attention to the medical side, but also the Spiritual side. Having headaches might be an important message from the universe to us.

You should always learn to pay attention whenever you begin to experience headaches. Let’s look at the different spiritual meanings of having headaches and how it can indicate important events in your life.

The universe can deploy various means of communication, and headaches can be one of the means of communication. Although it is not one of the common ways of passing messages to us.

This can be a life changing experience for you because you will never take a headache for granted after reading this.

What Spiritual Causes Headaches?

Biblically, it is believed that headaches are caused by the spirit of anxiety and depression.

This is why the Bible tells us to always cast our cares on God.

Whenever you begin to have headaches. It can be a sign that you have become influenced by anxiety or depression. Whenever you allow anxiety into your heart, you are opening up your body to become affected by the spirit of anxiety which will begin to give you a headache.

The moment we allow the spirit of anxiety or depression into our lives, we are going to have a headache, which will never go away until we decide to let go of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression can be responsible for headaches. It might not be a general conclusion but guilt, conflict and fear cause anxiety and depression. They are all caused by the same spirit.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Headache?

In the Spirit, our bodies can be used to send a signal to us concerning certain aspects of our lives. One of such body signals is a headache.

Spiritually, having a headache is something to never trivialize or treat lightly.

The reason for this is because there is a lot of danger if we can’t pay close attention to the headache we have, and how spiritually significant they are.

Spiritually, whenever we have a headache, it is a sign that we are allowing too many negative energies into our heart and mind. It is a sin that we have become defenseless to the attacks of the enemy.

It’s a sign that someone is trying to send evil arrows to you (from the Christian perspective). Most times, having a headache is a sign that something negative is around you.

While this might always be the case, it has become dominant in several cases.

Whenever you have a headache, you should check within yourself to be sure that you have not let down your spiritual guard.

However, the spiritual meaning of having a headache can differ. This can be different based on which side of your head the headache is coming from. Let’s look at the 2 different spiritual meanings of having a headache on the left or right sides of the head.

Left Side Headache

Whenever you have a headache on the left side of your head, the universe is telling you that someone is trying to harm you.

Most times, this is someone close to you. The reason for this is because a headache is mostly caused by something we are familiar with.

Therefore, whenever you have a headache on the left side of your head, it’s time for you to begin to tread with caution.

The harm is not physical. Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of losing your life. This harm is physiological and emotional. You need to be careful about how you become vulnerable psychologically and emotionally whenever you are with people.

This is a way to protect yourself from falling victim of the plots of wicked people (enemies).

You have been allowing yourself to become influenced by external factors more than personal conviction and values.

The headache is a warning sign and an indication of the damage you’re causing yourself if you don’t stop making hasty decisions based on external factors.

Right Side Headache

The right side of your head is the center of all logic.

Whenever we begin to have headaches, it is a sign that we have been neglecting our inner intuition because of the external pressures we are facing.

Always consult your inner intuition before embarking on any action or project. By doing this, you will be open up for several other choices that will yield more positive consequences.

In The Spiritual Realm There Are Spiritual Messages Of Having Headaches. These Messages Are For Our Benefit.

These messages are meant to guide us concerning what to do. In addition to this, these messages are from the universe concerning your future. If you have a headache, one of these 7 Spiritual messages are for you.

1. You are taking on too many responsibilities

Whenever have a headache, the universe is telling you to cut down on the responsibilities you are taking on yourself.

Most times, because of our desire, passion, and ambition m we delve into a lot of things, which we feel can make us successful in our chosen path.

However, at the end of the day, we will realize that we simply wasted our time trying to do everything.

The best way for the universe to prevent this from happening to you is to use a headache to symbolize the stress you are going through because of too many responsibilities.

Taking on too many responsibilities is not good for your mental and emotional capacity,

2. Quit worrying

Whenever you have a headache, it’s time to stop anxiety to take over your heart, it is time to stop worrying about everything around you.

No matter how much you worry about something it doesn’t lead to any significant change. When we get a headache we tend to worry more instead of stop worrying. It’s time to let go of every thought in your heart no matter what is going on in your life, and what you think will achieve it. It is time to embrace peace and serenity in your soul.

3. You need to stay focused

Having a headache can be so intense that your sight begins to get blurry. If this is the type of headache you are experiencing, then it’s a sign that you are losing focus on the things that matter most in life.

It’s time to pick up your vis it’s time to let go of every distraction that has come to take your focus away. This type of headaches a sign of caution.

You are getting to distracted by the things that don’t really matter to your life. It’s time to let go of the mundane things.

4.You have to become alert spiritually

Having a headache is a sign of spiritual insensitivity. When the universe brought to my consciousness, it amazed me.

I never really heard it could be a sign of spiritual insensitivity. I thought that I was spiritually sensitive.

If you have a headache, you may check for spiritual sensitivity and sure that you were alert.

You have to be able to pick the changing seasons in your life and prepare adequately for them.

5. It is time to let go of every anger

In the Bible, it is with the spirit of anger has a call with headaches, even though a major spirit that causes anxiety and depression.

Therefore, whenever you begin to have constant headaches and you have to release and the anger in your heart those have hurt you.

We have no power to change the behavior of other people. But we can’t change how we react to them.

We only have the power over our heart to forgive and let go of every offense we have

6.You need to purge yourself of every negative energy

Having a headache is a sign of negative energy.

Therefore, whenever you begin to have headaches, it might be the best time to purge yourself of all negative energies.

You can do this by going for purification rites, which involve meditation, praying, or relaxing techniques such as breathing exercises. Negative energies have become too much for your body to handle. Once you begin to have such a headaches, You should begin spiritual cleansing and purification.

7. Let go of your unfavorable past

Whenever you have a headache, because of self-guilt.

We have chosen to hold on to the mistakes of the past. We have allowed these mistakes to overwhelm us too much.

A headache is a result of self-guilt. Self-guilt will keep you from doing all the important thing in life.

The only way to move on with your life you learn to forgive yourself every mistake you have ever made in the past.

The moment you do this, you’re going to experience peace of mind. Want to let go of your unfavorable past, the headache will magically leave your head without a trace.

5 Spiritual Reasons For Headaches

One of reasons are why you have headaches. I don’t look at them one after the other. Here are some questions to go over with yourself:

  • Have You Sinned? If you have sin in your life, you must seek forgiveness and change your ways before you can be forgiven by God and be relieved of your headache.
  • Are You Holding On To Offenses? If you are the headache you feel is because of unforgiveness. Our mind will never be at peace of we walk in Unforgiveness towards people.
  • Are You Under A Spiritual Attack? Headaches can be a sign you’ve come under a spiritual attack because of your low defense against evil. It is believed that whenever a spiritual attack is staged against someone, it will come as a headache, before it begins to fulfill it’s purpose.
  • Do You Have A Lot Of Negative Energies In Your Soul? Whenever negative energies have accumulated in your soul, your body will also respond negatively.
  • Are You lacking Adequate Rest? Spiritually, The Universe an send a headache to you. When it happens, it is a pointer to your restlessness in your body or soul.

For starters instead of running to the doctor for a headache, learn to pay I can come to your heart and see what the universe is trying to tell you. Once you pick up on the signals, you need a time to act on them.

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