The 7 Warnings For Today

Revelation Tells us of the Apocalypse in the end times. God speaks of 7 warnings we need to heed.

There is no doubt that in today’s world there are signs leading to the second coming of Jesus. These 7 warnings tell us what we should be do to be able to spend eternity with God.

The 7 Churches Of Revelation, Their Struggles And Strengths

In Revelation each of the 7 churches are mentioned with different struggles and strengths of the churches today.

Here is a short overview of each with John in Patmos. John was one of Jesus’s closest disciples, when Jesus was crucified He had asked John to care for His mother (Mary).

1. The Loveless Church. The people in Ephesus were hard working people who endured and hated evil. From the outside, they looked like they had it together but their hearts were wrong. The 2 greatest commandments are to love God and love people (Mark 12:30-31) and Ephesus was missing thing single greatest component of all- love.

2. The Persecuted Church. There was no rebuke for this persecuted church. Although they were continually under physical hardship, the people were promised that they would not be hurt by the second death (death off condemnation of souls) they were encouraged to stay faithful, even when facing physical death.

3. The Worldly Church. This church was the tolerant church. Although they refused to deny Christ, they allowed sin like idols, immortality, cults and heresies to remain among them.

4. The Wrong Doctrine Church. This church had love, faith, and good works. They were even patient people who were eager to grow. Where they fell short was their doctrine, which was infiltrated by idolatry, sexual in, and pagan traditions.

5. The Spiritually Dead Church. Almost all of the people in this church had fallen asleep spiritually, except for a small remnant of believers. The Dead Church was encouraged to kindle and revive any small bit of faith they had left.

6. The Spiritually Alive Church. This church did well. There was no rebuke for this church of faith. They kept the name of Jesus and never denied it. There is a promise in the kingdom of heaven for these people,

7. The Lukewarm Church. This church only received rebuke. They were neither hot not cold as read in Revelation. Their reliance on riches and things of this world resulted in the lukewarm halfway type.

I challenge you to find out where your group (or yourself) are in these areas. Align them with the word of God.

Everyone thinks they are going to heaven. What will happen when you meet God? Will He say to you “Well done-good and faithful servant” or will you hear the words “Get away-I never knew you?

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