The Pinnacle

Before we can move ahead to God’s fullness we must have a pinnacle experience. We must be brought to a place of helplessness. This is true in everything, personally, and earthly.

We may be placed in God’s prison of weakness and futility after we have had the vision of the need of the world and God’s plan to meet those needs, and after we possess an understanding of what the Lord will accomplish in the Church. For many, the prison of seeming uselessness may be the most difficult test of their faithfulness to God.

The Pinnacle

He led him to Jerusalem, and set him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him, if you are the son of God, cast yourself down from here, for it is written, He will put his angels in charge of you, to guard you; and on their hands they will bear you up, lest perhaps you dash your foot against a stone. Jesus answering, said to him, it has been said, You should not tempt the Lord your God. When the devil had completed every temptation, he departed from him until another time.

Luke 4:9-13

The three temptations of Christ represent the three ways in which all people are tested.

1. We are tested concerning material survival (turn the stone into bread).

2. We are tested concerning sin and the lusts of the flesh (the kingdoms of the world).

3. We are tested concerning obedience (the pinnacle of the temple).

The third test, that of the pinnacle, as a difficult experience for some of us. In a sense the devil brings us to Jerusalem for this, to the arena of church activity . The three temptations are not normally experienced one-two-three (although they were for Jesus), yet it is true that the pinnacle test is for those who have been saved and now are anxious to serve God,

The pinnacle of the Temple was a wing, or gable, on the southeast corner of the Temple, overlooking the Kidron Valley. There was a drop straight down of 459 feet of more. Jesus was perched on top of this gable. What a foolish and useless place to be,

The Mosaic ordinances were being conducted beneath Him in the Temp,e, according to the statutes He Himself, the Lord of Glory, had given Moses on Mount Sinai and the pinnacle of the Temple. What a contrast when we are removed from the place of glorious revelation and brought into the prison of weakness and futility,

The Pinnacle: God’s prison of waiting. Before we can move on to God’s fullness we must have our pinnacle experience. We must be brought to the place of uselessness. This comes after we have had the vision of the needs of the world and God’s plan to meet those needs, and also when we possess an understanding of what the Lord will accomplish for the church.

I believe our Nation is at that pinnacle right now. God will always give a warning before He brings judgement. We are being warned right now, if we choose not to listen judgement will come.

Now that we understand to a certain extent what should be brought into being, and God’s anointing is upon us, can the world, the devil, or our own ambition or fear get us to act? Can we be tempted, persuaded , worried, frightened, or otherwise pushing into “stepping out in faith on God’s Word apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus was so obedient to God thatHe would be sitting there yet if the season of temptation had not come to a close. Are we that obedient? Will we remain perched on the pinnacle of futility u til God brings us down? Until the angels minister to us?

There are times we must walk in faith. Then there are seasons when God says, “Wait!“ It is not always clear to us what we should do, whether to wait, or to take a step and observe what happens.

We must be cautious but not overly cautious. Each of our moves should be preceded by prayerful at to the mind of the Spirit, as far as possible, and also to the actual results of what we are doing. We must present our body for a living sacrifice I order to prove the will of God.

Sometimes God acts very slowly it seems. At other times He moves like a flash of lightning. Meanwhile the world, the adversary, and our own self-willed nature challenge us to do something, to come down from the our own cross ( if you will). Do something. If you are what you claim to be, demonstrate the now!

Are you listening? God is speaking,

The church have never, to any great extent, faced and overcome the temptation of the pinnacle. This is because the motivation of each demonization is to “get to work and do something or the Kingdom of God” (and America).

The concept of being put into a place of helplessness waiting for God for direction may be difficult to work with in an organizational framework. Yet, the only path to the fullness of fruitfulness and strength is by way of the pinnacle.

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