Scars And Your Soul

We all have scars from our past, scars from pain. We are all on a journey we did not choose. Some scars are emotional scars, while others are on the outside. Our scars tell our stories. They reveal what we have been through and where we have been. They reveal the strength we all have deep inside of us.

So many times, we try to hide our pain behind painted on smiles and our lives. We try to paint a pretty picture we want others to see, but deep down we may be hanging on by a thread. We have to accept that there are those who will not understand, all we can do is share what we have been through and speak openly so the things we hide will lose its power and maybe help someone else along the way.

Our pain makes us feel deeply, but to heal we have to acknowledge our pain is real. If we become numb to it, it eats away at us. It is important to find the root cause of your pain behind you’re scars. When we realize behind every scar there’s a story to share. Behind every scar is a human being it belongs to. Pain can dig up old memories that we wish we could forget, but forgetting is not coping, it’s just hiding it deep inside of our soul. That’s a quote that says “Never be ashamed of your scars, it simply means that you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.”

It takes time to come to the point we are ready to share the stories behind our scars. But when you realize that the stories behind or scars can be used to inspire and encourage others. It’s worth showing them, every story from a scar makes us stronger and there’s a chance you can help someone along the way.

Maybe, just maybe you can help someone just by hearing what you’ve endured. You can make a difference, your pain can inspire others in their journey.

So, no more hiding behind the shadows or masks you wear. Scars reveal truth, they remind us how raw we once were (how real our pain was). No one has the right to diminish our feelings or our pain. Scars reveal transparency, and our courageous will to survive.

Scars Are Not Injuries, A Scar Is A Healing After The Injury, It’s What Makes Us Whole. — China Mieville

It’s time to see beyond the scars and see yourself as the beautiful person you are and to show the world all you have to offer.

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