Weakness: The Window Of Strength

Confessing our inability to do something is the power that is ever found in Jesus.

Our Problem Is Not Our Weakness

Our problem is our delusions of strength that keeps us from seeking what we need- Grace. The grace that strengthens us in our weakness. We just don’t like to be weak. We don’t like to think of ourselves as that way m and we don’t want others to see us that way. So we act as if we know things that we don’t know and we don’t ask questions we need to ask. We act as if we can handle things that we can’t. And we don’t seek help that’s available. We act as if we’ve conquered things that we have It is all filled with for a self congratulatory glory of independence.

But we are not independent. None of us are. We are not created to be independent. We were formed to be dependent on the One who made us, and we were recreated in Christ to be dependent on his grace. God does not hold you to a standard of independence strength. God does not expect of you what you do not have. He knows who you are. He is never shocked or dismayed by your weakness. He has moved toward you and Grace because you are weak and you would have no hope in life and death without him. The person who was shocked and dismayed by your weakness is you. It bother you, embarrasses you. It makes you want to hard cover yourself, It causes you to play act in public and to deceive yourself in private. Your weakness will drive you crazy unless you understand the gospel of Jesus.

What is that message? It is a story of a strong and able to figure who showers his powerful grace on people who are fundamentally weak and unable. He confronts you with your weaknesses so you will run to him for a strength. He called you to Mountains to big climb so that in your inability, you all look to him. Did you do your face value so that you’ll find hope in him. He works with prove to you how weak you really are so that you will gladly accept your invitation of enabling grace. Perhaps it’s not such bad thing to come to the end of your rope if it’s the end of your rope you find a strong and willing Savior.

So don’t be afraid to cry out and weakness, because when you affirm your weakness, you are kicking your heart to esteem and celebrate the grace that can make you strong. Sometime in the near future, you will be confronted with your weakness; when you are, you either work to convince yourself you’re strong or you’ll run to the one who is.

Exodus 15:1-18

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