Waiting To Die Continued

My last post was me having a breakdown. I still have these every so often. I’m human and everyone has bad days. I watched a video that was a trigger for me, and get it shut off in time.

No matter what happens in life we have to be able to get back to life at hand. At uplift ourselves. No one is going to do it for us. We have to realize we all have something to live for. We have to pick ourselves up and move forward. Every living thing has worth and are useful even if we don’t feel like it sometimes.

I could have went back and deleted this post, but that’s not how I work. Take responsibility for who you are and work on improving your life. Tell yourself everything will be okay, because it will. Time doesn’t stop just because you’re having a bad day. Time keeps going and so should we.

Don’t give up when everything seems depressing or scary. Keep moving. There’s a quote that says “A rolling stone gathers no moss but it gains a certain polish. Always be a rolling stone and you’ll become polished and shine like a diamond.

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