Forgiving Past Your Feelings

When It comes to forgiving other people, we cannot always allow or feelings to drive out choices. Our feelings make great servants but terrible masters. If we don’t discover how to master our em, our emotions will end up mastering us.

The Scriptures are laced with instructions on forgiving others, to remain compassionate, and to be at peace with everything. But we don’t always feel like obeying these commands. Sometimes we’ve been brutally wounded and betrayed by others. So, how do we do it them.

It took me over 40 years to forgive my mother and 20 of that was after she had passed away. I had so much hate for her it was oozing out of me.

The keys is found in John 15: 1-5: it is impossible to release hurt, forgive others, and receive Christ’s love afresh in our hearts apart from His help. Knowing the truth about forgiveness does not equate to being empowered to forgive ourselves. We cannot construct, fabricate, or work up forgiveness for others in our own strength. This will lead us only to greater frustration and agitation when what we try to do doesn’t work. To truly experience forgiveness for others we must remind ourselves of God’s ability to forgive us.

Even the best intentions cannot meet the force that Unforgiveness. Presents. To forgive others the way God forgave us, we must be connected to Jesus, so we can obey His command. Or, as Jesus says we must remain in Him. We are not designed to forgive others independent of God. But if He can forgive the very people that crucified Him, then anything is possible.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are equipped, enabled, and empowered to forgive others, even when we don’t feel like it. As God’s power flows through our hearts are healed, our pain is eased, and the path of resistance is broken down . To those that have sinned against us, we can find peace. To those that have betrayed us, we can find joy. Remaining attached to Jesus and “abiding in the vine” will ensure that we produce great fruit.

So bring your offenses before God today. Pray for the people that have hurt you. Do your best to take a step towards forgiveness and watch God bring you freedom.

I have forgiven my mother for everything she had done to me, but I’m still working on trying to forget. Because of the physical harm, she has caused, the pain of certain ailments brought on by physical abuse, it is almost a trigger. And I need a little some time to process the physical ailments,

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