3 Keys To Spiritual Hunger

As a child, I was never taught about the Lord. I didn’t even know He existed. With everything I went through in life I thought I was on my own. While I knew my dad loved me, he was busy raising 5 kids and didn’t have much time for me.

I couldn’t understand understand why my mother was so mean to me, and my father didn’t have time for me. It lead to a very lonely life. I remember I would lay in my bed at night crying and wondering why I was left there to fend for myself.

After every bad event in my life, I knew I had to pick myself up and keep going, but I never knew why I, when all I felt was loneliness and pain.

I just kept going through the motions of every day life and just took things as they came. Early in my childhood I had learned to put up walls to keep me from being hurt. That’s how I had learned to cope. If the walls were high enough no one could get it.

It wasn’t until later a whole lot later that I began to break down those walls I had put up around me. And I have to tell you it was difficult. I was used to not feeling, I had no emotional response in me. I didn’t cry, I didn’t smile. I had no happiness. I was a non-emotional woman.

It wasn’t until I was in my late 40’s that I realized what a missable person I was not only to myself and to everyone around me. It wasn’t until I began seeking the Lord, I knew I couldn’t live the way I was living. I had to let people love me, and I had to learn to love.

I began to have a spiritual hunger for the Word of God, and what it could teach me. It was one of the most formative things I learned, the power of spiritual hunger. The trajectory for my life was formed by such hunger and resulting more fullness that I knew how to express.

When I speak of spiritual hunger and desire, I don’t mean being shamed into a bunch of religious should’s like I should have quiet time, I should go to church, I should read the Bible or I should share my faith. Believe me, I have done that. I an talking about having an undeniable hunger for more of God,

A desire for God that releases heaven’s fullness to overflow into your life.

The world is moving so far away from God these days. Many don’t want anything to do with Him. And you know what that’s free will. If people want to forget God and go about their lives that doesn’t exist with God, who am I to try and convince them different. But I tell you, you will reap what you sow. (Solomon 2:44

I am here for the people who want a life of peace and a love so fulfilling that it will rock your soul.

God honors and blesses spiritual hunger. I humbly offer these three keys to understanding spiritual hunger:

Hunger Is A Gift

I regularly thank God for the gift of hunger in my life. Spiritual hunger is not something that you can make up or take credit for. It is a gift not of our, but of God, as He draws us near. It all starts with Him. (John 6:44). The good news is that if you are interested in Him, He is looking for hearts that are open in order to stir up a hunger that will lead them to satisfaction of the soul.

When we sense a burning sensation in our hearts, a tugging to get away and be with Him to know Him more, to read the Bible, to ask questions about Him, to just be near people who know Him, it’s not a random emotion or a passing phrase. It is the drawing of the Holy Spirit.

Hunger Must Be Acted On Or If Will Fade

An identifiable desire for God is the work of the Holy Spirit drawing you closer to heaven banqueting table, to a deeper relationship with God (Solomon 2:4). It’s an Invitation to feast on the things that truly satisfy the heart. (Isaiah 55:2). He’s stirring a hunger and awareness of your need so that you will come and fill up your soul. We must, however respond to that invitation. If there is no action on our part in response to that hunger, it will fade away. It’s a pretty simple Spiritual law. If you feed the hunger, it will grow. If you ignore the hunger, it will fade.

Hunger Begets Hunger

The experts say that sleep begets sleep for babies. The more sleep they get, the more sleep they will continue to have. The same is true with spiritual hunger. The more you get, the more you will continue to have. The more you taste, the more you want (Psalm 34:8), it’s a cycle of spiritual life and growth.

The opposite is true as we,k. The less spiritually hungry we are, the less we will desire of God, the less we will be filled. That is a cycle not of spiritual growth, but of spiritual apathy.

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