The Obstacles In Our Way

Nehemiah 4:1-9

It has been said that to eliminate opposition is to immediately eliminate its effectiveness. We we are close to the finish line, that is when the opposition is the most rigorous abs relentless. Think about a football team moments away from putting the ball over the opposition’s try line. The opposing team does everything in their power to resist the progress on the opponents. They want to keep back.

In the Bible account of Nehemiah, Nehemiah had received permission and favor from the Persian king to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He how to construct a team to help him (all volunteers), And Nehemiah with gaining momentum and seeing progress.

It was then that the opposition knocked on Nehemiah’s wall. We read that Sanballet, Tobiah, and Geshem mocked and ridiculed because the progress with making people increasingly angry, Therefore, they plotted to fight against the nation of Israel to stir up distractions. They wanted to deter Nehemiah we’re making any more headway.

Brick by brick, the opposition and accusations came. All uninformed, and all unfounded. There and watched you intimidate Nehemiah and called him to step back. Their intent was to stall him out by slowing him down. They hoped to make it hard enough that he’d finally gave up.

For Nehemiah, it was the three individual mentioned before us, the opposition often comes by the names of disappointment, discouragement, and self-doubt. Despondency can grip our hearts. The Question arises, “can we actually build the ruins?”

Nehemiah‘s response is a blueprint for each of us when we are met with severe opposition. We are to pray and then make a plan. Verse 9 of Nehemiah 4, tell us is that Nehemiah didn’t come down from his wall, but he prayed, and then he hosted a team member as a guard protecting the workers day and night. God saw his enemies, and Nehemiah didn’t come down from what God had called him to rebuild.

This empowered Nehemiah to encourage his wary workers. Like a coach preparing a team to go out for the final game. Nehemiah speech got them ready. He declared that they should not be afraid of their opponents. Instead, they are to remember the Lord and release their fears into His hands (verse 14).

With a resolute, common bond, they cried out with confidence and conviction. “ God will fight for us! And 52-days later the wall was completed. An unprecedented building project had been pulled off, and the opposition defeated.

God will always restore what is broken around you. He’s fighting for you. He will defeat your enemies and empower you to resist the opposition that comes your way. Resistance is always the fear cyst on the borderline of a breakthrough.

All we have to do ask. God keeps His promises.

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