From Breakdown To Breakthrough

Sometimes it takes someone else coming into our situation to tell us that God has something better for us.

God has incredible ability to untangle an upward plan that do not serve His eternal purposes. We spend much of our time planning the path in front of us. We assume we know what we need. We think we can chart a proper path that will lead us to peace and prosperity. And then in the moment, the plans fail. Despair is the easy move and set times.

When your plans don’t work out or your strategy doesn’t come through for you, rather than being agitated and or agonizing over what didn’t happen, take some time to invite God into this situation. Ask him to lead with a word that speaks to your situation. Let him guide you into better plan that you could have an ever imagined.

If you turn to the Lord and receive His direction, He will release words that set you up for success, facilitate fruitfulness, and create a path that will bring His purposes about.

When our plans fail, that’s temptation is to fall into discouragement. But we might have to fight that off. Sometimes God allows our small plants to fail so that His big purposes or can prevail.

When is your vision, you try to hold onto it, but if it’s God’s vision it will hold onto you.

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